"Naughty Neighbour!"

I was asked by my downstairs neighbours to both water the plants and collect mail for them when they went away for 2 weeks and they left me a key.

I had just returned from a business trip myself and it was mid afternoon on a Monday.

We used to live in a 2 storey block of modern flats so there was a neighbour opposite me and below, on the ground floor.

I went to water the plants, did so and then sneaked a peak in their bedroom. There was a large linen basket in the corner and a window at shoulder level with drawn curtains.

I couldn't resist a look and found a well used pair of white tangas from Knickerbox. My mouth went dry and I quickly shoved them into my jeans pockets.

I carefully left their door slightly ajar, and dashed upstairs to my bathroom where I carefully examined my prize!

Wow, they had a pungent aroma and I was hard in an instant. Jeez, I came almost instantly sniffing the crotch and then slowly rubbed the tangas along my boner.

I came within minutes and used them to dry off my cum. Another downstairs neighbour returned so I quickly cupped the crumpled panties in my hand and set off downstairs where the door I left was not shut properly.

You wouldn't believe it but the neighbour chatted to me as I squeezed those panties in my sweaty palm. Thank the lord she didn't notice that the door was slightly open.... Anyway, I returned those dirty tangas to their resting place downstairs, closed up the flat and just had to have another cum when I got back upstairs!

It was that mixture of risk, pleasure, duplicity and downright horniness that was so intoxicating!