"A Tallinn Tale!"

I was on a business trip to Estonia and Latvia back in 2003. The usual story, back-to-back meetings, long days and no sightseeing... Anyway, this particular episode was a definite panty awakening!

My hosts had dropped me back off at my hotel in the old city of Tallinn. It was bitterly cold outside but the prospect of retiring direct to a Soviet era hotelroom was distinctly depressing. The hotel bar was empty so I headed back over the cobbled square to the club area in search of a beer and entertainment.

A cracked purple neon sign promised "Cabaret" so I ascended the uneven wooden steps to the second floor and I pushed past a thick velvet curtain into the dance area. I found a seat and waited for the show to begin with two other slightly crumpled looking businessmen.

A slow strip floor show ensued and as the attractive but bored Estonian girls gyrated and snaked their hips I began to hatch a plan in my mind. The third one up on stage was perfect and she was wearing a personal favourite of mine, white thongs. As she came over to me for my "private dance" my throat suddenly dried up completely and I could feel my palms begin to sweat as I ran over the words in my head. It was now or never.

She finished up and I fumbled in my wallet for a tip. As she carefully folded the notes and placed them in her bra I blurted out: "Can I have your panties?" She looked at me quizically and said: "Please, again. You say?"

I repeated my request. She shook her head up and down vigorously in assent. "I see, private dance, yes?" Confused, I mumbled on until I realised that she actually wanted me to pay for a private dance in exchange for the panties! I paid up and meekly followed her into a side room.

Half expecting to be grabbed by some of the Ukranian bouncers on the door I sat in a huge armchair with a cold Heineken (!) and watched her dance and slowly strip before my eyes. It was a revelation. Unrestrained and free from the prying eyes of (non-paying!) customers she rubbed the panties deep inside herself as she danced to the music. I sat entranced with a huge hard-on as she ran the tips of her fingers along the side of my legs. She was clearly excited and, with perfect timing, stepped out of her white thongs, drew the crotch across her nose and smiled at me! She then came over to my "throne" and placed them in my jacket pocket before blowing me a kiss and disappearing back out through a side door....

It had been a night to behold. I decided not to touch the thongs until I made it back to my hotel room. As I slowly smelt and savoured the crotch I replayed the events of the past hour over and over again in my mind. Wrapping the wet crotch around my shaft I slowly worked myself up to an explosive orgasm.

Truly, it had been a night to remember and, fellow panty addicts, don't forget that immortal motto: Who Dares Wins!