"Rear View Mirror!"

I was driving home, traffic is always a mess on the way back home. It's one of the things that annoys me even more, considering that I wanted to get home away from the world. Sitting in my car I looked around at all of the faces and pouted at having to stand still on the M25. I started getting fidgety because I had been feeling especially sexy in my outfit: a short skirt, silk button-down blouse, thigh highs, heels, and a thong. I had been torturing a man on my instant messenger with that description to the point that he had stopped talking and gone away - more than likely to the bathroom for a great man to hand session. I enjoy that power and it makes me feel even more excited to know that my curves and features elicit that sort of reactions with only a few simple keystrokes!

In my rear-view mirror I spied a face behind the wheel of a silver Mercedes. The man's features were partially blocked by the glare of the setting sun, but his eyes, which were a piercing steel grey, took me in. I suddenly realised that he was staring back at me and I looked away, embarrassed for a moment. Then, I looked again. I couldn't help but look at those eyes that saw right through me. He was looking straight at me and I looked away like a deer caught in headlights, avoiding his gaze. I found this to be both frightening and exciting. I felt myself getting wetter and couldn't decide if I was more excited by this mysterious driver or the fact that I was sexually aroused from earlier and just needed to get home. 

I looked up again and his steely gaze is unmoved. However, this time, I didn't turn away like a giddy schoolgirl. Rather, I stayed focused, almost hypnotized by his intense stare. I saw the beginnings of a smile cross his lips and this sent a jolt to my nipples, and the warmth in me spread to my thighs. I briefly touched myself just as the traffic started to inch forward a little. I smiled a little. He saw this and smiled even wider. My hands began to shake as I felt myself beginning to lose control. I saw this man as an object of desire; something sinful and exciting. I noticed the exit about a half-mile ahead. I decided I needed relief and soon.

There was a small shopping centre and some restaurants. My need was great and if I could just find somewhere nice and secluded it would just have taken a few minutes to lean the seat back, run my fingers over my clit and maybe put my hands on my breasts, gently squeezing my nipples. It wouldn't take much because I was so turned on. I took a moment to veer onto the ramp. Straight away I looked at the man in the mirror and winked.

I pulled off to the side of the traffic and passed the stopped cars as I neared the exit. I smiled, knowing that soon enough I would be alone and my frustrations would momentarily subside. I ran my index finger along my inner thigh and felt the wetness he had created and sighed. I shook a little in anticipation. I stopped at the exit ramp for the red light. As I checked the oncoming traffic to make a right turn, I noticed those eyes in my rear-view mirror again. I froze and nearly screamed. He had decided to play my game. A game that I had subconsciously invited him too when I winked - a game that I really shouldn't play but one that I couldn't resist. The lane cleared; I took a deep breath and turned right onto the street. 

I looked in the rear-view mirror and saw the silver Mercedes was still behind me, although slowly getting further behind. I eased off of the accelerator and those eyes slowly come back into view. I was beyond control at this point. It was now instinct and that was leading me to find relief in any form. I pulled into the garage of a business park and slowly drove the ramps to the upper levels where the cars were thinning out. I looked behind; the grey eyes were still there. I pulled into the top deck slowly and turned off my ignition. I saw out of the side of my eyes the silver Mercedes pull alongside. Slowly I began to raise my eyes to meet those that belonged to the stranger. He smiled and I nearly had an orgasm on the front seat!

I smiled and opened my door. He did the same. My eyes began to glaze over, as he seemed to take forever reaching me. The next 10 seconds were a complete blur. I only remember the first touch of his skin on my cheek and I immediately came. I felt the wetness slowly drip down my thighs, weakening my knees. 

Jack, as I later found out he was called, caught me in his arms and slowly lifted me up against my car door. He began to kiss me passionately, pressing his groin tightly into my wetness. I grasped the back of his head and his tight ass to pull him into me. He slowly ran his hands along my shoulders and then began to unbutton my blouse as I dry humped him against the car. 

Slowly he succeeded in opening my blouse and removing my bra. My nipples become even more erect as the cool crisp air passed over them. His fingers found them and slowly touched and teased them, causing me to moan even more into his mouth. I wrestled with my lips and tongue as he slowly ran his fingers along my back. Soon his mouth left mine, travelled along my neck, shoulder, and then down to the first nipple. He slowly licked and circled it with his talented tongue and soon teased it by biting and nibbling the sensitive ends. Slowly I was building up to another orgasm. Jack sensed this, pulled up my skirt and ran his index finger along my wet slit up to my throbbing clit. This caused me to scream and he covered my mouth. He licked his index finger and smiled.

Jack then slowly draped one of my legs over his shoulders and began to slowly lick the wet, aroused lips of my pussy. My head swam and my moans turned into short deep breaths. I grasped the hair on top of his head and guided him into me. He happily obliged and began to run his tongue along my pulsing lips, thrusting into me, teasing the clit as his fingers thrust in and out. I slowly rose again and came from the pressure. I smiled and slowly pulled him up as I bent down and unfastened his belt, unclasping the button and unzipping his pants to reveal a very erect penis that was just enough to satisfy my needs. But first I wanted him to sample a little of my talents as well. 

I slowly ran my tongue along the underside of his balls and used my hands to stroke his shaft gently. He threw his head back and moaned, which I took as a sign of his enjoyment and continued. I slowly began to run my hands through his hair as my tongue worked up along the shaft, slowly around the tip and teased the hole at the very top. I then slowly took him into my warm wet mouth and began to apply pressure with my lips and tongue. He was moaning and grabbing my hair to maintain his posture. I worked more of him into my mouth feeling his hardness expand and grow.

Soon I was sucking and licking at an increased pace, but I did not want him to cum just yet. I removed my mouth and I regained my composure enough to realise that we were far from finished. I then turned around and leaned against my car once more. I felt his breath on the back of my neck as I raised my skirt and slowly ran my fingers along my wetness with one hand and then guided his hardness into me from behind with the other. 

I thrust back to meet him and soon he was inside of me and both of us were moaning in unison. Slowly he thrust into me as he began to kiss and nibble the back of my neck and shoulders. He reached in front of me to take my nipples in each hand to increase the sensations. I held onto the top of my car as he did this watching our reflections in the window as we moaned and breathed in tandem. 

Soon I began to feel another more powerful orgasm building up and my body began to tremble. Jack felt this and began to thrust harder and faster, harder and faster, harder and faster; grinding, his balls hitting me from behind. I felt my body tensing up and soon I was over the edge. I screamed at the top of my lungs as my orgasm overtook me. Jack was right behind and soon I felt his cum shoot inside of me and his vocal release bellowed through the empty concrete structure. We both came back down to earth breathing heavily and slowly detaching from each other. Jack kissed me softly on my neck and returned to his car. 

I slowly regained my thoughts and watched his car drive away, glimpsing the site of those grey eyes along with a satisfied smile. I sighed and smiled as well. I buttoned my blouse back up, opened the door and sat down in my car, basking in the warm afterglow with my red flushed face. I smiled as I left the garage and got back onto the Motorway, my mind no longer on the traffic or the snarls, but on the idea that perhaps tomorrow that silver Mercedes and those grey eyes would again be in my rear-view mirror.