"Cindy & The Strippers!"

Cindy stepped out of the cab into the cool spring air. The ride had cost her thirty pounds, a hefty chunk of the two hundred she had started out with. She had planned on an expensive evening but she had hoped she wouldn't have had to spend it on transportation. Across the street from where the cab had dropped her off stood a large building. The sun had not quite set so she could clearly see that it fit in with the industrial buildings in the area. Except for the large lighted sign on the roof which advertised the night club's name: The Extasy Club. 

She walked across the street, taking careful steps. She didn't usually wear high heels and she did not want to stumble. She wore a simple white blouse and a knee length dark skirt. As she approached the building she felt a little nervous. Built of plain concrete block the entire side was broken by only a single door. There was a cluster of cars around the door and while she was walking towards the door a man exited the building and headed towards one of the cars. He didn't glance in her direction. 

She arrived at the door, which was worn and battered. Only a sign indicating that a person had to be eighteen to enter marked it. Her mouth dry with excitement she grabbed the handle, pulled the door open and entered the dim hallway behind it. 

At the door were two men. One was young and muscular, wearing black jeans and a T-shirt. He leaned against the frame of the door. The other man, seated at a small table was much older and wore a rather shabby suitcoat. She could feel them watching her as she made her way down the hallway in her unfamiliar shoes. 

Once inside Cindy paused to get her bearings. As she moved into the room she could see a stage in the centre of the room. Along the wall to her left stretched the bar and she could see a number of men and women seated at the bar, mostly in couples. One man sat at the bar alone and he raised his head as she walked in. Most of the tables were empty, all though there was a group of four college boys seated at one, pitcher of beer between them. She moved towards a table at the other side of the room, a few rows from the stage and took a seat. She was aware that a number of people were watching here as she sat down. She hung her raincoat on the back of her chair. 

A waitress wearing a black leotard came and asked her if she wanted anything to drink. Cindy ordered a "G'n'T" and the waitress left. She looked around the room nervously. She was painfully aware that she was the only woman here who was not an employee of the club and that everyone must be wondering what she was doing there. She stared at the table not sure where she should look next. 

The lights flashed on the stage. A deep male voice came over the PA system asking that everyone give a big welcome to the next dancer. No one clapped or even moved. A song started playing and after about twenty seconds a woman appeared and took the too small steps up to the stage. 

The woman on stage had blonde hair that flowed down to the middle of her back and she wore a short, tight dress. Cindy watched her as she walked around the stage, not dancing really, just moving. Cindy found herself staring at this woman as she moved. 

The waitress returned. She asked for eight pounds. "Shit" thought Cindy "at this rate my money will be gone before I get to the good stuff". 

Cindy returned to looking at the woman on stage. She had looked at women before but always in a furtive way, afraid of being caught staring. Here she knew it was all right to look, that was why she had come. She had come to the bar to look at women. A wave of excitement ran through her body at the thought. She knew that she had thoughts about women, and had looked at their pictures. She didn't class herself as gay though - she definitely liked men. But this was a new, a forbidden thrill. 

Even convincing herself that she was definitely straight, she was paying money to see a woman take off her clothes in a sleazy strip bar. The woman on stage had allowed her dress to ride up over her hips and slide down off her breasts so that it was just a band of material around her waist. Cindy was mentally comparing the woman's breasts to her own and realized that her own were much larger ... She took another sip of her drink. 

The woman on stage had moved onto the floor and was now lying down and spreading her legs in the air. A single man seated at the stage side seats seemed to be interested in the close up view. Cindy found herself wanting to look over the man's shoulder so she could have a better view. She settled on simply concentrating from where she sat. She knew that these were the better seats. The music ended abruptly and there was a small smattering of applause. The woman stood up, adjusted her dress and walked off the stage. 

As the songs changed there would sometimes be a bit of activity in the room, women who had been sitting with men who get up and start to walk around, then sit down with another. Cindy saw a woman, a blonde dressed in a mini skirt and a tube top walking toward her.  "May I join you? the woman asked. "My name is Sarah".

Cindy stuttered a bit and told the woman her own name. They talked for a few minutes, the woman asking if it was Cindy's first time at a club and so on, Cindy blurting out one word answers. The woman was so gorgeous in her super-tight outfit and she was sitting there talking just to her. Cindy could see the shape of her breasts under the top and could feel the lust growing in her as she looked at her legs crossed in front of her. 

Suddenly the woman leaned forward towards Cindy and said in a hushed voice: "Would you like a private dance?" 

Cindy knew that this moment would come and had steeled herself to give the right answer. She knew that not all dancers would dance for a woman, and she couldn't take the chance that this dancer was the only one who would. "yes please" she said in a quiet voice. "I would like three dances". 

She had been told that a dancer would only make the right moves if she got at least three dances and she knew a dance cost twenty pounds. She quickly took sixty pounds out of her purse and laid it on the table. The music started again. 

As soon as the music started Sarah removed both her top and her skirt. She wore no underwear. She swayed rhythmically at Cindy's feet and Cindy felt a wave of excitement sweep over her. Sarah's breasts were perfect and round and there were tan marks on her body. Her pubic hair had been trimmed to a neat vertical strip. She moved closer to Cindy, bending over her. Cindy looked up and Sarah's shoulder length hair brushed across her face. She could smell the dancer's perfume, strong and sweet. Cindy tilted her head back and felt herself slumping in the chair. As she slumped Sarah bent lower and Cindy could feel her breath on her face. 

Cindy felt something between her knees. It was Sarah's leg. At first she hesitated. Her panties were already damp. Would Sarah notice? Would she even go that far? She let her legs slip apart. Sarah's knee forced them further apart and her leg slid up Cindy's thigh pushing her skirt with it. She did not stop until she felt her knee firmly in Cindy's crotch, which Sarah noted was already damp. Cindy let out a little gasp as the dancer's knee contacted her pubic region. Her hand touched Cindy's stomach and pushed up towards her breasts. Cindy grabbed the arms of the chair feeling her body's arousal take over.

She wanted this woman to do anything to her, to take control, to use her in any way possible. The pressure between her legs grew and Sarah nudged her gently. By now she was actively caressing Cindy's breasts, leaning close to her so that the activity was not obvious to those eyes that were watching them. Cindy was aware of them, especially the college boys who had stopped drinking and were gawking open mouthed at the spectacle that was occurring just a few tables away. Cindy didn't care this woman was doing things to her that no man ever had. Her hands felt so good. And her knee. Oh God her knee. She wanted to pull Sarah onto to her, to embrace and feel her body next to her. But she remembered the rules, she was not allowed to actively touch the dancer and she continued to grip the arms of the chair. Sarah secretly smiled as she realized Cindy's discomfort and nudged her knee into her crotch again. It was one thing to do this sort of a tease on a man but she had only rarely done it on a woman. It was the part of her job she enjoyed that she could tease her customers mercilessly then leave them begging for more. 

The song ended abruptly. Sarah stood up, swept up the money from the table and grabbed her clothing. She didn't even bother to dress in front of Cindy, she walked away holding her clothes, and Cindy watched her ass sway as it moved into the dark of the club. She suddenly felt everyone staring at her and straightened up in the chair, adjusting her blouse and her skirt. She wiped her mouth with her hand and finished her drink in one single gulp. Wow. That was what she had come for. Another dancer took to the stage, Cindy was grateful that the room was distracted from her. The waitress returned and she ordered another drink. 

Cindy had a sudden urge to urinate and got up and moved quickly towards the ladies room. It was located near the entrance of the club. She entered the washroom and was met by a harsh fluorescent lit space filled with the smell of disinfectant. There were two stalls, neither of which had doors. Wondering if the dancers had their own separate facility Cindy squatted on the toilet peeing as fast as she could. On the wall opposite was a single sink, with a broken mirror. She stood up, pulled up her panties and smoothed down her skirt. She washed her hands in cold water, there was no hot, and dried them on some paper towels. She was about to leave and paused. Her hand went to her blouse. She thought for a moment. Stepping back into the relative privacy of the cubicle she unbuttoned her blouse and pulled it off her shoulders. Her heart started beating faster as she unsnapped her bra, pulled it off and quickly put her blouse back on. She buttoned up and put her bra in her purse. Looking in the mirror she thought that most people wouldn't be able to see the difference, at least not in the dark of the club. Now, she thought, I can really enjoy my next private dance. 

The door to the washroom slammed shut. Three women stood there, all of them obviously dancers. Sarah, the one who had danced for Cindy stood at the rear, leaning against the door. The first woman, a bleached blonde wearing a pair of tight jeans and a black bra and displaying numerous tattoos on her arms looked at Cindy. The second women, a girl who had really short hair and wore a dirty white slip and nothing else, not even shoes. She had something in her hands but Cindy could not tell what.. The blonde woman spoke. 

"Sarah here tells me you were looking for a good time My name is Amy, This little darling here..." she said indicating the small girl,"...is Suzi.."

Cindy gulped. "Sarah danced very well".

"Maybe what Sarah didn't tell you was that we can provide some extra service?" 

Now Cindy was worried. She had heard about the back rooms here and had come prepared for anything like that. At least she didn't think so. "Extra service?" she asked trying to buy some time. "no I...I don't think I'm interested. 

Amy opened her mouth and laughed, revealing a studded tongue. "It doesn't matter whether you're interested or not bitch cause we are" She took a step towards Cindy. Behind her Sarah snapped the bolt on the door, locking it. Suzi didn't move her eyes downcast. Amy moved closer to Cindy who was rooted to the spot. "See Sarah checks out all the female types who come into the club. If they pass her inspection then I get to take a look. And I like to look real close if you get my meaning." Amy began to finger the buttons on Cindy's blouse. Cindy took a step back. It was too late. Sarah had already moved behind her and grabbed her by both arms. 

A wave of fear swept over Cindy. What were these women going to do? She knew she was in trouble. The women's washroom would only be infrequently used at best. No one would notice it was locked from the inside. The loud music from the club would drown out any cries for help she made. Amy was fingering the material on her blouse. 

"Hmmm," she said "no bra. Looks like you were planning on a little more action after all." She put a hand on either side of Cindy's blouse and ripped it open, exposing her breasts. Amy smiled and put her tattooed hand on the smooth white flesh, squeezing it. Her head followed her hand and she lightly bit Cindy's nipple. Cindy felt her nipples grow hard as soon as her blouse was torn open and the attention this woman gave her only added to her excitement. Sarah pulled at her blouse from behind and it came off quickly. She continued to hold her arms while Amy unzipped her skirt and pulled it off her. 

"Mmmmmm warm and wet. You did a good job Sarah" Amy's hands reached to Cindy's hips and grabbed her panties pulling them down." and look at this. Smooth pussy. Not a hair on it. Ohhhh baby you are a treat". Amy kissed Cindy's bare pubic mound. 

Cindy could feel Sarah pulling her down onto the washroom floor. The floor was dirty and cold. She hated the feel of it. Sarah knelt and held Cindy's head on her knees. Suzi came and knelt beside her. 

Amy let out a low animal growl as she parted Cindy's legs. Her fingers touched Cindy's pussy and parted the lips. Cindy felt her tongue snake into her vagina and could see the blonde head bobbing as she licked her. She could feel Amy's tongue work its way up to her clit where it teased her and tickled, then...she felt the tongue stud hit her clit with an unexpected touch and she jumped. She gasped. Amy was obviously an expert at this. 

Amy grinned at Cindy's reaction. She loved the taste of pussy, especially pussy that hadn't known the touch of a woman. She knew just how to lick, how to tease, how to touch, to make a woman come. And there was no doubt Cindy was going to come. She had been aroused when she had entered the washroom, after Sarah's dancing and Amy's attentions were definitely going to bring her off. She felt an orgasm building in her despite the cold floor, despite the smell of Sarah's perfume close to her head all she could feel was the tongue of Amy pressing ever harder on her clit. 

She came in a wave, the spasm shuddering through her body. Amy pushed her thighs done and held her to the floor keeping her from bucking. Cindy moaned and Sarah and Suzi both looked on and smiled. She was panting. 

"Damn your quick honey" said Amy "we're not gonna need little Bubba there" she indicated Suzi's hands. Suzi open her hands to display a filthy dildo. Cindy gulped and was silently thankful that 'little bubba' was not going to see any action tonight. "Funs over girls lets get back to work. lots of horny men to entertain tonight. By the way hun thanks for the nice tip." 

Cindy felt a little shock of surprise. What tip? She hadn't offered anything although she was quite willing to. Still slightly dazed from her orgasm she realized the women were leaving the room, taking her purse and her clothes with them! "Wait" she cried "you cant......"The door slammed shut, leaving her naked on the washroom floor. Shit! She scurried into a stall and sat on the toilet wondering what to do next. If the women had treated her like that what would the men do, especially if they found her naked. How would she get home? How could she explain this to anyone. She heard the door to the washroom open. Cindy sat on the toilet very scared. 

A man's voice spoke. "Cindy are you OK?" 

She whispered. "yes" from the stall. 

A large arm reached over the edge of the stall, her raincoat gripped in its hand. She grabbed it like she was drowning and slid into it welcoming its warmth and covering. She rushed out of the cubicle to meet the man she had seen at the bar earlier. 

"You did as I told you and carried nothing of value in your purse tonight?" 

"Yes Jay" she said. "I didn't think they would go that far, but I really enjoyed it I managed to fulfill two of my fantasies in one night - what’s next on the list?" as she held him close, thankful he was their to protect her. 

"Neither did I" He said "but its hard to tell with this bunch. You ready for some room service and a massage? I've got some clean clothes for you back at the hotel." 

They slipped out of the strip club and drove away into the night.