Hi. I don't have a girlfriend and have not had any sexual pleasure for rather a long time. I have been downloading some nice pictures and movies off web sites for a little while now and they provide me with some relief. Looking at the videos I have started to think how lovely it would be to film a really nice sexy scene between a nice couple.

I'm really into making videos of trips and other events that I go to and enjoy editing them to achieve a nice result. What if I could meet a couple who would get a kick out of being filmed as they made love to each other. As this thought developed I even started to think about how the action would progress and this has led me in the past few days to write out a scenario. This is what you are about to read. Perhaps after reading it there might even be a couple who would be interested in being the stars in my epic erotic movie. See what you think


The movie opens with Karen in her bedroom. We see her unbuttoning her blouse, removing it and then unzipping her skirt and slipping that off. Underneath is a pretty white lacy bra and pair of lace panties. She takes those off and slips on a small wrap. She walks to the bathroom and we watch her take a warm shower and we see her running her hands over her wet body, rubbing her breasts and her bottom. She comes out of the shower and we watch her towel herself down.

Back in her bedroom she walks over to her dressing table. We watch a lovely close up of her pretty face as she applies a little make-up. She then goes over to the bed and looks down at the outfit laid out on it, a set of matching lacy black underwear including a small thong, a very pretty bra and a pair of black stockings and suspender belt. Next to that is a nice blouse and skirt. She slowly pulls on the thong and we see close up of her pulling it tightly over her pubic mound. She pulls the thin sides of the thong so tightly we can see the thin material of it mould itself to the outline of her labia. She runs her hands over this area and we see the look of pleasure on her face. She puts on the bra next and spends time adjusting the cups so it sits nicely over her full breasts. Once adjusted to her satisfaction she runs her hands slowly over the bra feeling the softness and fullness of her breasts. Her face again reflects her mounting excitement.

Next she puts on the suspender belt and the slowly pulls on the stockings running her hands up the length of them. She stops to admire the view in a full length mirror. The outfit is then completed with blouse and skirt and a pair of high heel shoes. Another look in the mirror and an expectant smile spreads over her face.

She goes downstairs to the kitchen and gets a bottle of wine from the fridge. She takes it into the lounge and arranges it with two glasses. She sits down on the big couch and lays back and the camera moves down her body. We linger on her face as she licks her lips then move down the rest of her body. Her breasts push out the tight blouse showing what a nice figure she has. The short skirt shows plenty of leg.

At this point in time she is a tightly wound coil of sexual tension. The doorbell rings and she gets up to go and answer it. Alex is waiting to come in. As soon as he come in they embrace and kiss. “I’ve missed you so much” she says, “how was the trip”.

“Business as usual” he replies “but I couldn’t stop thinking of you”. They go into the lounge and sit next to each other. Alex pours the wine and they drink. They chat and keep looking into each others eyes. Alex takes the glass from Karen, puts them down on the table and takes her in his arms and they kiss deeply. His hands start to move over her blouse and we can see him squeezing her breasts through the thin material. They carrying on kissing and fondling each other then Karen stands up, takes his hand and leads him out of the lounge and up the stairs. We see them enter her bedroom. They stand kissing more.

Alex then starts to unbutton her blouse. He pulls the sides apart and looks down at her body. She leans back slightly pulls her shoulders back and her breasts seem to rise up towards him. He smothers them with his hands and runs them over the lace of the bra and the exposed area of her breasts. The bra is quite low cut but pushes her breasts together to form a superb deep cleavage and it is an exquisite sight. We join in to look down at the lovely view Alex is enjoying. So taken with it, Alex simply buries his face between her magnificent mounds and licks and kisses all over them. Karen pushes his head down with her hands and giggles with pleasure.

Karen is undoing Alex’s’ trousers. He takes off her blouse, she pulls down his trousers. Next she unbuttons his shirt and removes that. Then she unzips her skirt and that falls down. They continue to kiss. He runs his hands over her body. She reaches down and squeezes the bulge appearing in his pants. She takes him over to the bed. She sits on the edge and pulls down his pants. His large erection springs out and as he is still standing in front of her his penis is now right in line with her mouth.

We now watch in close up as she sticks out her tongue and lets just the tip of it touch the head of his penis. From there we watch her orally pleasure him. She licks, kisses and sucks on his cock and takes it a long way into her mouth. We can look at Alex’s face to see just how much he is enjoying this. After a good session of that Alex pushes her down onto the bed and then lies down with her. There is more kissing and hands move over each others’ body.

“It’s not fair” says Alex, “you’re still wearing too many clothes and I’m naked. We need to see to that”. Together they undo the suspender belt and slide off the stockings. They move down the bed a bit and Alex kneels behind her and unclips her bra. It is removed and he brings his arms round to her front and spends a while playing with her breasts and squeezing her nipples. He then moves round in front and she lies back on the bed. She spreads her legs widely apart. He slowly moves down her body till his head is by her thong and he starts to move his tongue over the material. Then he pushes it to one side so he can come into direct contact with her vagina. He continues to lick and suck. They pull off her thong and he carries on the oral pleasure.

Her legs are spread as wide apart as she can stretch them and given that Karen has removed all the pubic hair from around her labia we get a completely unobstructed view of the beauty of her most intimate parts. Alex makes sure his mouth and tongue explore every part of her opening. Looking at Karen’s face we can see she is getting increasingly aroused.

Eventually she finds she can barely stand the pleasure any more. Karen pushes Alex on to his back and straddles him and immediately lowers herself straight down onto his large erection. They hold hands as she bounces up and down on him. She leans forward so her breasts hang over his face so he can lap at them as the fucking continues. She sways from side to side so that her breasts swing around and slap against Alex’s face.

We move to behind Karen so we can clearly see Alex’s’ penis sliding into her vagina. The next move happens when Alex turns so that their positions are reversed and Alex is now on top. By pushing with his arms he lifts his torso off of Karen so we can look down on her and get a better view of his penis pushing in and out.

Eventually Alex senses he is near the point of coming. Just as he is about to, he withdraws from Karen, in time to show his ejaculation spurting out and it lands all over Karen’s’ belly and pubic mound. They both groan in ecstasy Alex falls down onto Karen and for a while they lie together savouring their experience.

Karen though is still feeling exceptionally horny. “I need more” she says “so I need to help you get ready again. I’ll help you. What about a little show for you”. Alex moves down the bed a bit so once again he’s near her sex. Karen starts to run her hands over her body. Starting with her breasts she gives them a nice massage and run her finger nails over her nipples. Then she moves her hands down towards her vagina. She proceeds to finger herself. Rubbing at her slit and pulling at her labia she can feel the extreme wetness inside herself. Alex is simply resting his head on his hand paying rapt attention to the incredible display that is being put on for him just inches in front of his face.

It’s about to get even better. Karen reaches over for one of her discarded stockings and starts to run it over her slit. Then starting with the foot end of it she proceeds to slowly start pushing it inside her vagina. Inch by inch it is pushed inside and we see close ups of Karen’s face showing her pleasure as she concentrates on this amazing task. We also see Alex clutching at his penis which is starting to react to the display.

Eventually the whole stocking is inside her with just the last little bit sticking out. We see an extreme close up of this amazing sight and using her pelvic muscles Karen can make the material move in and out slightly. “Why don’t you pull it out for me” asks Karen and so Alex takes the black material between his thumb and forefinger and slowly starts to pull out the sodden material. We watch from close in as it is extracted. When the last bit plops out Karen takes it from Alex and wipes it all over her mound.

Alex takes it from her. “Your show did the trick. I’m ready again”. We look down to see his large penis hard, erect and throbbing again. He wraps the stocking around his cock and Karen grasps it with one hand and rubs it up and down for a little while.

“I know somewhere else where we can put this” says Karen with a smile on her face. She gets up off the bed and leads Alex over to a chair. She sits him down then kneels down in front of him. She pushes his legs well apart and pushes his chest so he lies well back in the chair. His rock hard penis is pointing straight up and twitching with anticipation.

Karen leans forward to bring her breasts around his cock. She squeezes them together and her soft mounds smother his hardness. She continues to massage herself and her fingers are spread around her orbs. Her hard nipples stick out between two of her fingers. Alex can look down to take in this wonderful sight and we are looking down from above as well. We can see the purple head of his cock as it slides up and down between the deep valley of Karen’s ample bosoms. Alex’s face is a picture of total ecstasy. Karen expertly knows when to ease up on her pleasuring and besides the aching desire in her own sex now needs attention.

They move back to the bed and Karen lies out on her side. Alex lies behind her on his side and enters her. Our view from the front allows us to see all of Karen’s’ body and Alex brings one arm round to fondle her breasts, nipples and down to the top of her gash. He pulls apart her fleshy lips and we can clearly see his penis as it pumps into her. After a bit he withdraws and Karen gets up onto her elbows and knees in the classic “doggy” position. Alex moves round to be behind her. He uses his fingers to probe her and then without further ado, in one smooth motion, slides the entire length of his penis completely into her.

We can get great close up views of this and also move to show Karen’s face as she enjoys the position. She is fairly vocal in this position and we can hear her moaning with pleasure. We also see Alex reach round to touch her breasts and feel the front of her sex. Once again Alex can tell he is on the brink of his orgasm and with perfect timing he withdraws to enable his load to spurt all over Karen’s bottom.

They both fall flat on the bed. They are completely spent and now just want to lie with each other. They cuddle up and look into each others eyes. They hold each other and the camera fades out to black.


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