"Script for another sex movie"

Last year I wrote a script for a nice naughty video film which I fantasised making. You can read this on this site. Since then I have worked on another  script  and this one involves three sexy people together. I had a great time thinking about how I would love to make this film and it would be wonderful if anyone reading this would like to be the stars in it. See what you think.

The movie opens as we look in through the bedroom door and on the bed we see Alex and Karen in the throes of a passionate sex session. Alex is lying on his back and Karen is sitting astride him riding him for all she is worth. She is bouncing up and down impaled on his erect cock and they are holding hands so Karen can keep her balance. The camera moves around from the view from behind, where we can see his penis sliding into her, to a view from her front where we see her large breasts swinging freely in rhythm with her movements and she groans with pleasure with each thrust of his cock inside her.  Occasionally she leans forward so that her breasts fall onto Alex s face and he eagerly licks and sucks on the hard nipples. Eventually Karen dismounts and whilst kneeling between Alex s legs she bends down to take his penis into her mouth. Whereas before it was her juicy cunt sliding on his hardness, now her mouth moves up and down on his shaft. She grips the base of his penis to keep it angled upright and greedily sucks him. She keeps up a steady rhythm with her mouth and extra stimulation is given as she manually rubs the foreskin up and down. Eventually Alex can hold back no longer and he groans with pleasure as he releases his semen. We see it dripping off Karen s lips and running down his shaft.

Karen collapses down onto Alex s torso and they lay together contented after their wonderful experience. They lay with their arms wrapped round each other savouring the sex they have just had.  Guess who I saw yesterday?  says Karen.  Sarah from round the corner. She s not having that good a time at the moment since splitting up from Mark. She was moaning about the lack of bedroom action she s having to put up with.
Poor girl. She shouldn t have any trouble in getting a bloke  replies Alex.
Yes, I know you always enjoy seeing her.
I can t help appreciating an attractive woman when I see one  says Alex.
I bet you d like to do more than just see her  giggles Karen.
Well that would depend on what you d let me do.
What would you like to do  asks Karen.
Oh you wouldn t want to know  he replies.
Go on you can tell me.
Well , Alex hesitates,  what if we three were to have some fun all together.
An actual threesome, is that what you d like.
I ve sometimes had fantasies about having a threesome with you and another woman, yes.
You dirty devil  Karen says jokingly. She rolls from her side so she now lies on Alex s chest. She rests her forearms on his chest to push her torso slightly up so that her breasts swing down in front of his face.   I didn t know you d ever thought about that. Still I have to say it s not a bad idea.
Are you saying you d be up for something like that.

Well I ll admit it, it s something I ve sometimes wondered about doing. I remember an old friend of mine once telling me all the dirty details of a fantastic session she once had with her boyfriend and another girl and she said it was one of the best nights of sex she d ever had.
How do you feel about me getting it on with another woman and you doing the dirty with her as well?
Alex, our relationship is totally solid. This would be sex for the fun of it. We both love experimenting with sex and I think the chance to see each other doing it with a close friend who we both respect would be a turn on for both of us. I ve never gone all out with another woman and I think it s something I d like to experience.
So you re saying you d definitely like to give this a go?
Karen pauses.  Yes why not. I d like to.
Wow. This is amazing. When do you suggest we do this?
There s no time like the present is there? Let s not just talk about it then not do anything about it. Let s just be spontaneous and do it.
What, right now?
Yeah, why not. We don t have anything else planned for the rest of the day, do we. Why don t I go and phone her now, have a chat and see if she d be interested. If she s up for it I ll tell her to come round and you ll be ready with a hard-on and I ll be ready to do my bit.
I can barely believe this is happening but yeah let s go for it.

Karen gets up off the bed and goes to pull on a pair of knickers.  I ll go and make the call. You can stay there and get yourself ready again  she says with a grin. She walks back over to the bed and reaches down to give his penis a squeeze.  We ll need this to be at its  best.  With that she turns round and leaves the room.
Alex sits up on the bed with his back resting on a couple of pillows. His right hand moves down to hold his penis and he starts to rub and massage it. His face is concentrating as he thinks about what might be about to unfold in this room in the very near future. He pulls and rubs his member and soon he starts to get the desired effect as it starts to rise up. He grips just the top end between thumb and forefinger and a series of squeezes causes it to harden completely. With just one finger placed on the ridge beneath the purple helmet he flicks the end back and forth. He is now completely aroused.
We hear Karen coming back up the stairs and she enters the room.

Guess what  she pauses,  she s well up for it. I told her exactly what we had talked about and she was already getting worked up by then. She s getting ready right now to come round you lucky chap.  Karen comes over to the bed and kneels on it beside Alex s legs.  We re going to have a lot of fun real soon  she says as she grips his penis in one hand and starts to rub it.  
She raises her bottom up so she s kneeling upright and Alex immediately reaches out his hand and slips a finger round the side of her knickers. The movement of his hand suggests he s quickly inside her. They continue the mutual fingering.  

Alex pulls his hand out and with both hands pulls the knickers down so they are stretched tightly between her spread thighs. He then returns one middle finger back into her opening. He slides it in and out increasing the speed of his movement. Karen starts to moan and then releases her grip of his penis and leans right backwards using her arms to support herself. Her entire vaginal opening is now clearly visible. Alex now inserts two fingers into her and continues the pumping action. As she gets more aroused he adds his third forefinger to stretch her even more. She thrusts herself towards his hand, the movement of her hips mirror the action of his hand. He twists his wrist whilst his three fingers are still inside her so that her entire insides receive stimulation.  She is moaning and groaning with pleasure. With three forefingers inside her Alex s thumb naturally falls to the top of her slit and makes contact with her little love bud and he gently strokes it. Her moans of pleasure indicate he has touched her most sensitive spot. Eventually she brings herself back up to her original kneeling position. Alex pulls out his wet digits from her. She takes his wet hand in hers and pulls it into her mouth so she can suck all her juices off his fingers. Karen wraps one hand right round Alex s cock and rubs it up and down as fast as she can. Now it s his turn to show his pleasure vocally and he writhes around as the sensations grow stronger.  She does not let up her furious rubbing and thus the inevitable finally happens as he releases his white cream. It runs down onto Karen s  hand and she collects it up in her palm and seductively rubs it around her vagina. It mixes with her own fluids that are still seeping out of her following Alex s fingering.  
God that was good  says Karen.  Now you re going to have to start over again getting this hard  she says as she wiggles his now limp cock from side to side.  Perhaps Sarah and I can help you with that when she arrives.

With that we hear the sound of a door bell ringing.  Great timing  says Karen as she gets down off the bed. She takes off the knickers that are still pulled partly down her thighs and walks over to a chair and puts on a very skimpy white g-string that only just covers the small crop of pubic hair at the top of her vaginal opening. She also pulls on a short while satin slip.  I ll go and let the lucky lady in  she says as she leaves the room.
We hear talking from the hall below then footsteps coming back up the stairs. The two girls enter the room. Alex has pulled a sheet over the lower half of his body.
Hi Alex  says Sarah.
Hello there  he replies.
Sarah, why don t you sit down here  Karen gestures to the end of the bed. Sarah sits down at one corner and Karen sits on the other corner.  Sarah knows that we re both in agreement about doing this and we re happy to do whatever we feel comes naturally. I m not going to hold you back from doing anything you want with her and she can have her way with you and I won t mind.
You guys are fantastic  says Sarah.  I ve been getting quite wound up lately with no sex life happening so this is a god-send. Let s just enjoy this for what it is and not have any hang-ups after.

Alex isn t quite ready for you yet. I m afraid I was just rubbing him off when you rang the door bell
Never mind  says Sarah, with a grin on her face,  perhaps you and I can have a little fun to start with. Alex can watch us and that will help him get ready I m sure.  

With that Sarah stands up and steps over to Karen, holds out her hands and Karen reaches out to take them in her own hands and stands up. They are facing each other looking into each other s eyes. Without any further words being needed they lean towards each other and kiss. They embrace as their lips eagerly mesh together and very quickly their hands start to move over each other s body. Sarah runs her hands over the delicate material of Karen s slip. She feels the curves of her waist, hips then her bottom. The hem rides up to reveal fully her rear. The narrow thread of the back of her g-string cuts between her cheeks. Sarah runs her hands all over them. The two girls pull apart.
God you re a great kisser  says Karen.  Now I want to get you undressed.

Sarah is wearing a thin blouse that already has the top few button undone partially revealing the start of what is obviously a generous cleavage. Karen now undoes all the other buttons and pulls the bottom of the blouse up from being tucked into the short skirt she is also wearing. She pulls the two sides of the blouse apart to reveal a black lacy low cut bra. The swell of Sarah s large bust is now fully displayed.  Karen s hands move to caress and run over the exposed parts of her breasts. The blouse is removed and then the bra is undone. Karen pulls it off to reveal the full splendour of Sarah s magnificent breasts. As they swing free Karen lowers her head down to them so she can kiss, lick, suck and nibble them. Her hands caress and squeeze the soft orbs of flesh.
Sarah unzips her skirt and it falls to the floor to reveal a small pair of black knickers. Karen moves a hand down to them and runs it over the front of them then plunges her hand inside the waist band. From the noise that Sarah makes it s clear that Karen has hit the right spot immediately. Karen continues to finger her for a while then brings her hand out and puts two fingers in her mouth to taste the stickiness that covers them.  
With Karen tasting her love juices, Sarah pulls off her knickers.  She then takes hold of the hem of Karen s slip and slowly pulls it up. Karen holds her arms above her head to allow Sarah to pull it off. To complete the picture of perfection Karen pulls down her g-string and kicks it off.  Both women are now fully naked. They gaze at each other with total desire and embrace their arms around each other again as they kiss and press their bodies together. They thrust their hips at each other and they reach round each other to pull themselves together.

After the women break apart they look down at Alex. He is sitting up on the bed. He s pulled off the sheet that was partially covering him thus revealing his fully erect penis. He has a huge smile on his face.  What an incredible display, I can see you re really getting into each other  he says.
Oh Alex I didn t realise just how good it would be with another woman  replies his partner.

Let s give him some more to watch  says Sarah.  You know between us I reckon we ve got two of the best pairs of boobs he could wish to see.
Sarah cups her breasts in each hand and proceeds to rub them up against Karen s pair. Karen follows suit by holding hers out and the girls provocatively rub their nipples up against each other. We can see how they become hard and erect with the stimulation. The girls rub and squeeze their large soft orbs in a display of complete abandon. Alex lays back on the bed as he takes in this show.

They finally stop their display of breast play and then Karen pushes Sarah s shoulders down to indicate she should sit on the edge of the bed. Karen then kneels down in front of her and looks up towards her.  Alex loves me giving him oral now I m going to see if I can turn you on as much as I can him.  She places her hands on Sarah s knees and pushes them apart so her legs open to reveal her vagina. Sarah lays back to rest on her elbows and Alex moves down the bed, laying on his side so that he can get a very clear and close up view of what is about to happen.

Karen starts her oral pleasuring. She runs her tongue around Sarah s outer lips and starts to probe inside. Sarah starts to get aroused. Karen then uses the tip of her tongue to tease the clitoral hood soon revealing the love bud within. She continues to kiss, lick and probe Sarah s entire vaginal area. Alex looks on with wonder as he watches his partner s performance. Up till now he has had no physical contact with either girl but he cannot contain his urges any longer and he moves himself into position to bend over Sarah and their lips meet and they start a long passionate kiss. Sarah runs her hands over his face and hair and Alex eagerly takes hold of her breasts and starts to caress them. We watch a close up as he rubs and squeezes the two soft mounds and the hard nipples that top them. Sarah moves one hand down to grip Alex s penis and she proceeds to stimulate him. The three continue their various sexual pleasuring of each other.
Karen finally raises her head from between Sarah s thighs. Her lips glisten with the juices she has sucked from deep within Sarah s love passage. She watches the other two enjoying each other.  OK you two; let s move around a bit shall we. I need someone to get inside me now.  
I really need to fuck Sarah  says Alex.  I ll be greedy and lick you out at the same time . He lays down flat on the bed and takes Sarah s hands and guides her so she is sitting astride him. At this point Sarah has both her hands wrapped around his penis.  Karen, come up this end of the bed.  She moves up to where his head is lying.  Sit on my face and I ll get my tongue into you.  She too straddles him facing Sarah,  OK girls prepare for simultaneous pussy pleasuring!
Sarah raises herself sufficiently to impale herself onto Alex s rampant cock and lowers herself down onto it. Karen has spread her legs each side of Alex s head and now she manoeuvres herself to allow his tongue to probe into her sex. The view from the bedside is stupendous as Alex pleasures both women simultaneously. Both women are writhing around as he penetrates them. They then increase their pleasure even more as they lean toward each other and embrace and kiss. The three have formed a triangle of rampant naked bodies totally consumed with the desire for sex and more sex. Their only desire is to fuck each other or be fucked as hard as they can.
Eventually Alex can hold back his ejaculation no longer and with a loud groan empties his sperm inside Sarah. She moans too as she feels the gush of liquid inside her. Somehow Alex is still able to concentrate on his oral pleasuring of Karen who is now grasping her own breasts and digging her fingernails into the soft fleshy mounds as she grinds her lower body into Alex s face. Eventually she reaches her climax and a close up reveals a stream of milky love juice dribbling out of her down onto his face.

The three all collapse onto the bed and lay down side by side, Alex in the middle and the women on either side of him. Alex puts one arm around each of their necks and they lay resting and savouring the pleasures they have just encountered. Alex turns to Karen and they kiss.  That was amazing  he says.
Oh yes it was far better than I could have ever imagined  she replies. They continue to kiss and Karen reaches to cup Alex s penis in her hand.
Please don t leave me out  says Sarah.
Of course not  says Alex and her turns to her and they too have a long kiss. Sarah has seen Karen fondling Alex and she now puts her hand over Karen s and together they continue to manually stimulate him. Before long they have achieved the desired effect and he is fully hard again.
What shall we do now  he says.
I still want to be fucked with your cock  says Karen.  Your tongue was lovely but I need all this up me  she says as she holds the penis.
And what will I do whilst you re both at it?  says Sarah.
I ll give you some more oral  Karen replies.  
Karen takes charge in arranging their positions. She gets Sarah lying at the top of the bed, on her back with her legs widely open. Then Karen kneels on the bed and bends to bring her mouth down towards Sarah s vagina. Whilst she starts to once again orally pleasure Sarah she brings one of her hands down between her owns legs which she spreads widely apart, and uses two forefingers to pull apart her outer labia. Our camera moves in extra close to get the best possible view of the delicate beauty of her most intimate parts. We watch as she probes herself, her fingering causing her juices to start to flow.  Karen is now in the best position for Alex to service her  doggy style .
He too has been watching the beautiful act taking place before him and this has only served to make him even more rampant and ready. In one long steady stroke we watch him slide his manhood straight into Karen. The cameras  extreme close up quite clearly shows his engorged penis, the throbbing veins bulging along the length as he eases it all into her sopping slit.
From the close up view the camera pulls back so we can view the whole spectacle now taking place as the row of naked bodies continues to move in tandem. Sarah writhes with pleasure as her pussy is eaten by Karen who in turn is being pounded from behind by Alex. The camera moves around all three to view the varied sexual practices taking place.
Whilst the women can continue to give and receive pleasuring and stimulation in almost limitless amounts, for the man there comes a point where he can hold back no longer, and eventually Alex reaches that stage. He feels the point of release approach and the camera is able to record this as he withdraws to allow his gush to pour out over Karen s rear. The flow of his thick white juice runs between her arse cheeks dripping down over her sopping cunt.  

Once again, the three all collapse onto the bed, exhausted from their activities. They lay along side each other, Alex between the two girls with each of his arms draped round their necks. The girls each lean in towards him, their hands gently caressing his chest and occasionally moving down to give his penis a squeeze. With all the sexual activity he has experienced so far with these two women it is going to take him a little while longer to get erect again.  The females though already want more. They lean over his chest to bring their lips together in a long kiss.

  I guess we ll have to see to each other for a bit yet  says Sarah,  lets do a 69 . Alex moves over and Karen remains on her back whilst Sarah turns round and drops her head down between Karen s legs. Sarah s bottom is raised up and with her legs spread apart Karen can slightly raise her head to bring her mouth into contact with Karen s vagina, the fleshy lips of which part open as her excitement increases. The two girls continue to orally pleasure each other. Once again Alex has the utter joy of just being able to sit on the side of the bed and simply watch these two beautiful women have sex with each other. The camera moves from one end of the action to the other so it records in close up detail how each girl is giving and receiving. Each of the women s sex organs are viewed in beautiful detail, as their lips open as their arousal increases. Their cunts glisten with the flow of juices which lubricate the delicate folds of flesh which form their exquisite sexual openings.

Finally Alex can resist no more and moves to also take part. He is once again fully erect and ready to fuck again. He positions himself so he is kneeling over Karen s  head. She is still licking Sarah s  pussy  but now she pulls her head back thus allowing Alex to immediately plunge his rock hard cock straight into her. Karen gently takes hold of his scrotum and playfully squeezes his balls. Sarah lets out a deep moan of pleasure as she feels the change in sensation from Karen s tongue to Alex s cock now providing the sexual gratification. Alex continues to pump himself in and out and Karen can be seen using her tongue on Alex s delicate genitalia. At the other end of the bed Sarah s face is wet from the juices she has coaxed out from Karen s sopping pussy. Finally Alex reaches his climax. With perfect timing he pulls out from Sarah just as he releases his load which spurts onto her vaginal area, and runs down her slit, finally dripping down onto Karen s upper body, a veritable river of semen.

This then is the final act for these three who have now enjoyed an amazing sexual experience. Once again they simply lay entwined together on the bed savouring what has happened. They are relaxed and happy and bask in the warmth of their admiration and love for each other. The camera looks down on their contented faces and their lovely naked bodies before it slowly fades out to signify the end of this wonderful story.