I bumped into my ex in the pub the weekend it was all very frosty until we all had a few drinks. After an hour she started flirting and I noticed a dash of red panties so I leant across and asked where here husband was she replied baby sitting. "Why", she asked.  I replied "Because I want to take you home and fuck you like the last time we were together!.  She smiled and said "ok".

We slipped away and went to my flat and as we got through the door I grabbed her and started kissing her. In minutes she was laying on the bed in a red chemise and matching silk French knickers!  I slid down on the bed and started licking her out leaving her in the panties.  Just before she came I stopped and had her raise her arms above her head and handcuffed her to the head rail then pulled her panties off again.  I started to lick her out but at the same time I was masturbating in the lovely soft panties.

She said are you wanking of in my knickers again? I stopped licking for a moment and replied "yes", and knelt over her slender body inches from her face.  She asked, what are you going to do now.  A couple of minutes passed and I come into her panties.

As she asked what I was going to do with the panties I pushed the come soaked panties into her mouth. As she stared at me I raised her legs over my shoulders and started to fuck her.  As I began thrusting harder and deeper she started sucking on the panties using them to muffle her cries, which turned into screams of joy as my cock slipped into her arse!  After ten minutes I released her from the cuffs, she pulled the panties from her mouth and started to wank me off in them.

She pulled the foreskin right back and wrapped the panties round my cock and slipped it into her wet pussy.  Within minutes I was on the verge of coming and this time she stopped, removed the panties and climbed back on.  As we were fucking she slipped two fingers into her pussy; one either side of my cock the feeling was awesome!  Within seconds we were both coming and afterwards we both just laid there for a while.

She then got up and jumped into the shower but whilst she was in the shower i started masturbating in her panties!  She came out of the shower and sat on the bed and wanked me as hard and fast as she could as i started to come she just kept on wanking me!  After five minutes of this I was begging her to stop and when she did I came!  It was mind blowing! 

She cuddled up to me but within minutes I was asleep.  When I woke up in the morning I felt all tingly and I looked round and she was gone.  I got out of bed thinking I'd been dreaming but as I stood up, her panties dropped to the floor and on the side table was a note, it read, thanks for a good night it was just as good as I remembered - I don't know when or if I will ever see you again so you can keep my knickers as a reminder you kinky bastard!  Happy wanking!