"The Walk!"

My girlfriend and I are really into mutual masturbation and solo!

Last weekend we received thru the post a new remote controlled "bullit", we decided to attempt a public orgasm, so off we go in the camper to a small seaside town on the north Somerset coast.

After settling in with the sea in view, we began to get each other in the mood ,kissing touching and using various toys to get the juices flowing. When enough wetness had been achieved my girl popped the "bullit' in and, positioned her favourite clit stim just how she likes it, then pulled her silver lycra knickers up tight, with a smile she handed me the remote, she, putting the control for the clit stim in her pocket.

It was a fine day and a bit windy, ideal really. The range on the remote is about 30 feet, so we walked apart, me allowing her to get going with the clit stim, I can recognise subtle movements when an orgasm is imminent, and and that moment I clicked the remote, Wow! the effect was amazing, she looked as though she was almost swooning, fortunately a seafront bench was near, she sat down and began rocking ,not overtly ,but even so she had attracted the attention of some local lads, who seemed to get idea that something was unusual.

I knew she had come, but for my girl 1 is never enough, she lolled her head back as if dozing and went on to have a couple more, the lads were obviously enjoying every minute, I was rock hard and as soon as we got back to the camper we went at it like rabbits, whew! what a walk..