I was woken up one night by my brother and his wife having sex in the room next to me.

She was moaning loudly then she started to say im gonna fucking squirt. I tried to get back to sleep but I had a hard pole down my boxers.

It was going around and around in my head, wondering what they had been doing and what she looked and tasted like.

The morning came and every one was at work. I walked passed their room where they had been fucking the night before and I took a step in the room.  My nose caught a wiff of the nicest unusual sent ever.

I traced the source of the aroma - it was coming from her over night bag so I rifled though it until I found a pair of beautifully marinated pink and white thongs.

They were still moist and I took a big sniff of them and then I dropped on the bed.

I was that hard that my cock popped out my boxers. I grabbed my cock and started to pump away. My tongue popped out my mouth and tasted the pussy juice that were covered all over the gusset .... mmmmmmmmmmm it tasted sooooooooo good.

I could just imagine her big sexy latino ass in them as I sniffed and licked until I came all over the place.

Ever since that day I have been hooked on dirty thongs and after I got a pair of Cindy's, I have never found anything as nice and sweeter anywhere that can match Cindy's dirty panties!