Well im fairly new to all this and this is my first story, on discovering the joys of panties.

It all started quite simply by doing the laundry, i just was sorting out some washing and picked up a pair of my wifes cotton panties and just gave them a sniff to see if they were clean. The musky smell caused a stirring in my pants and i felt the need to jerk off. Inhaling my wifes scent sent me to new levels of arousal. This became a regular thing and began to progress when one of her sisters came to stay. One weekend they went of shopping and i stayed at home watching the footie. I started to think about panties and thought if i could find my sister in laws. I went upstairs in to the spare bedroom and carefully looked through her weekend bag, taking care not to disturb to much. In a side pocket i found a thong that had been wrapped up tightly. i gently unravelled it to see the crotch and was surprised to see some dry pussy juice. I was instantly hard, and just had to smell my sister in laws pussy. i sniffed the gusset and licked the crusty juices. The salty taste was intoxicating. I then had one of the best wanks of my life.

I had to wait 3 weeks for my next panty adventure. My other sister in law (younger) had been working in australia and i had to pick her up from the airport. The plane had been delayed and she had been travelling for 48hours. I met her at arrivals, she looked shattered and dishevelled. She dropped her bags and hugged me. She explained that she had been travelling for over 48hrs and was knackered, all she wanted to do was to go home get out of her dirty clothes, have a shower and go to bed for a week. she bent down to pickup her hand luggage and that is when i noticed her the tops of her pretty pink knickers. I picked up her suitcase and we went home.

I ran a bath for her and she went up to the spare room, she left her suitcase downstairs as she had laundry to do. I opened it and put on a wash. It was then that i found a carrier bag of dirty knickers i was in heaven. I heard her go in to the bathroom and i shot up stairs in to her bedroom. Sure enough the pink panties she had been wearing for two days we on the floor. They had been freshly peeled from her delicate pussy. i brought them to my nose, the smell was overpowering and i could feel her body heat in them. At this point emma came in to the bedroom to get some shower gel. She looked at me in amazement. You dirty fucker she said, i didnt know what to stay. Dont tell claire i said she wont understand. Are you faithful to her, i said yes and after a bit of awkwardness she agreed not to tell and said on the condition i can watch you wanking with my panties. I said ok and started to sniff and taste the crotch whilst playing with my cock. i was lying on the bed oblivious to emma being there, get off on her panties. i was getting close to coming when she said what turns you on then is it the feel of them ,the naughtiness or the smell. The smell definitely i replied. Ok just this once this will help. she hopped up on the bed leaving her towel on the floor and lowered her pussy to my face. This hasn't been washed for days and should be ripe she ground her pussy on to my nose and mouth and took my cock in her mouth as i came in torrents.