"Panty Thief!"

One time a few years back, I was renting a room. My landlord was always away on business and I shared the same laundry facility with him and his sexy, but conservative wife.

Well, one day I was taking my clothes to launder, and I spied the mistresses dirty basket. On top was a very sexy pair of her black cotton panties. I looked around to make sure I was alone and quickly pocketed them.

I got back to my pad, pulled them from my pocket to examine them closer. They had a white cotton gusset, that had a wonderful stiff spot on them, I raised them to my nose, and took a tiny whiff. That sensation led to a deeper inhalation.  I was in love....my piece started rising the longer that I inhaled her womanly scent.

Next, I figured that, well, what the heck, you've come this far, you kinky bastard, you might as well taste them too. Oh, yes I was hooked on dirty panties from that point on!

It was a rather nice set-up, I would use and abuse this pair, until I spotted her dirty basket at the machine, whereupon I would replace this pair for a "fresh" pair. This little love affair went on for 2 years.

Every time the landlords wife spoke to me, I would try to imagine what pair of her dirty panties she was wearing that day, and could not wait to do more laundry. Laundry is now pretty fun! Always on the look out for dirty panties. Yes it was wrong, but is it still stealing, if you put them back?