"Panty Heaven"

I've had a panty fetish since I was 14. My first girlfriend always enjoyed wearing bikini's which were mostly white and the material was shiny (silky, nylon, satin) which drove me insane. Whenever we fooled around, she always kept her panties on so I could rub my hands all over her panty ass as we were having sex. The thrill of touching her silky panties was like a feeling I never had experienced before and definitely didn't want to lose. However, all good things come to an end and we parted ways a few years later.

For the next 15 years, I dated many girls and eventually got married and most of the girls understood my fetish and accommodated my desires. When I married my 2nd wife, my fetish experienced a whole new world. Never has any woman ever made me cum as much as her (I'm TRULY a lucky guy!)

We've now been married 5 years and it simply continues to get better and better. We have participated in many sexual scenarios together, but this is one of my favorites...

We're getting showered and dressed up to go out for dinner. As she's getting ready, she slips on a bra and panties. She has a very nice tan and is in great shape. One of her best features is her ASS and when she walks around the room, those white silky bikini panties are absolutely driving me wild. Of course she knows this so she teases for me about an hour before she finally gets dressed in a tight top and short skirt. Now I can see her panty lines under her skirt as she's heading towards the door. My cock is already bulging in my pants and the evening hasn't even begun.

We get to dinner and have a wonderful meal at Ruth Chris Steakhouse. As I'm heading to the bathroom, I notice that there are a lot of HOT women in the restaurant and bar. My mind races and wonders if they are wearing panties. I'll never know, but it makes me hornier just wondering. When I get back to the table, my wife is ready to go home.

I can't get in the car soon enough. When we get back home, she goes to the bathroom to freshen up and I start tearing my clothes off as quick as possible. In a flash, I'm naked and lying on the bed. A few moments later, the bathroom door opens and she walks out. She's talking very sexy and begins to do a striptease for me. She takes off her top and then unzips her skirt. Then she turns around and slowly lets her skirt fall to the floor. Now, she's just grinding in front of me in her white bra and panties. I can't wait to touch them and suck her pussy.

She climbs on the bed and we begin to touch each other all over like it's the first time we've ever been naked together. I rub my hands all over her pantied ass and my cock continues to get bigger and bigger. She rubs my balls and strokes my cock. Before I know it, she's pulled her panties to the side and has gotten on top of me. We go at it forever with her cumming multiple times. I've learned to save my cum 'cuz I know I'll be rewarded if I do.

We lay next to each other for a while until she regains her senses. Then she gets up from the bed and goes over to the closet. She comes out with 4 of my old ties and proceeds to tie me to the bed spread-eagle. I can't move at all! Then she goes over to her panty drawer and pulls out a ton of PANTIES!!! They are all SILKY, NYLON, SATIN type and are bikini (Mostly WHITE -- my favorite color). She begins to sprinkle these panties all over my body from head to toe. My cock begins to twitch more and more. During this whole time, she's still wearing those sexy white panties. She begins to talk very sexy to me and starts rubbing on my feet. She slowly works her way up my body and stops when she's reached my balls and cock. She takes the silky panties and begins to rub them in a circular fashion on my balls with one hand while her other hand is holding a pair and stroking my cock. She does this very slowly and continues to talk very sexy to me.

She knows my cum is building and stops when she feels me getting close to exploding. This goes on for about an hour with her changing positions throughout the experience. She then takes out a bottle of lube and says "NOW, IT'S TIME FOR YOU TO CUM MY PANTY SLAVE."  She lays on my right side and puts her leg over my leg enhancing the feeling of being tied down. She pours a ton of lube all over my balls and cock. She continues to use her left hand rubbing my balls with her panties and now begins using her right hand stroking my cock up and down. This feeling is incredible and I don't want it to end and then I do want it to end. I can't wait to CUM it's now been about 6 hours since I saw her put those panties on and I've been dying to cum ever since. She starts sucking on my ear and telling me the following:

"My girlfriends and I saw you sneaking through our panty drawer. We know you've been doing this all semester and decided it was time to teach you a lesson. That's why we're going to take your clothes off, tie you the bed and rub our silky panties ALL OVER YOUR BODY! Don't you just squirm at the thought of having 100 panties all over your body? How 'bout having 12 hands rubbing all over you from head to toe? How 'bout having 6 tongues sucking on your balls and cock? Doesn't that make you want to explode? Well, here come my girlfriends now and they're all wearing your favorite -- WHITE BIKINI SILKY PANTIES. Now, it's time for you to learn your lesson!"

At this time, she's stroking my cock wildly and I can't hold back any longer. I yell out and try to move but can't -- ARRGGHH!!!!

I CUM and CUM and CUM and CUM over all her PANTIES. The CUM flies all over the bed for what seems like an eternity. I've never seen so much cum splash out of my cock. I lost count after 10 powerful squirts.

She whispers in my ear, "Not bad for Round One... I'll be back in 10 minutes for Round Two."