"Amy's Party"

It was 9 am and George was starting to wake up. That was by far the best night of sleep in his entire life. As he lay in the bed, he began reminiscing about the incredible events which happened to him the night before. He was still in disbelief and yet had a smile on his face from ear to ear. He could have laid there all day recounting each and every detail, but it was Saturday and he had many chores to do.

His first chore was to cut the grass. Once he worked himself to the back yard, he noticed some activity next door at Amy’s house. They had their blinds up and the girls were walking around the house doing various things. His eyes were as good as a hawk and he could tell that they were walking around in bras and panties. He suddenly felt his balls twitch and his cock started to grow. Images of last night were pounding at his brain and he couldn’t get them out of his head. As he bent over to start the mower, he heard a lovely voice. It was Amy saying, “Good morning George. How did you sleep last night?” He looked up to answer and she had a huge smile on her face. She was wearing a t-shirt and tight shorts (the kind most young teenage girls wear). He said, “Ga-Ga-Good, I guess” and that was all that could come out of his mouth. She had this evil smirk on her face and he was feeling very awkward. She said, “Don’t forget we’re having a party tonight…it starts at 9…we hope you can make it. See you later George.” As she turned around, his jaw dropped. Her shorts were white and her panty lines jumped out at him. He was having further flashbacks of last night. He watched her walk back into the house and memorized every angle of her ass as it swayed back and forth. She had a beautiful butt and loved the way those panties just clung to it as she moved. He looked down at his watch and knew he better get moving. He still had a lot of work to do that day.

Later that evening, George looked at the clock and it was around 9 PM. As he sat on his bed, his window was open and he could hear a lot of noise going on next door. In high school, Amy threw parties a lot (her parents travelled often) and he never attended any. He was quiet and didn’t fit in with her and her popular friends. 5 years later, he was now invited and was feeling a little awkward about going. It was one thing to get caught red-handed jerking off to her panties in her bed, but it was another to walk over there and attempt to mingle with all of her friends. This was actually tougher…he needed to take the edge off a little so he went downstairs to have a drink. His folks were out for the evening so he had the house to himself. He opened up the bottle of Bacardi and threw back a shot of rum. His eyes started to water and his throat began to heat up. He thought a few more of these and I’ll be ready to go over. So, he threw back a few more shots and finally got the courage up to go next door. This time, he went to her front door and knocked. No one came so he rang the bell. Still, no one answered and he figured the loud music was muffling the sound. He decided to just open the door and go inside.

When he did, the house was full of people (mostly girls) and everyone was having a blast. Some were dancing, others making out, telling stories and alike. No one noticed him come in so he headed towards the kitchen. He needed a drink quickly to keep his buzz going. As he rounded the corner, he saw Amy and she was decked out to the nines in a stunning outfit. She was wearing a white top and short, short red skirt. It hugged her hips and he could only imagine what panties she was wearing underneath. After raiding her panty drawer the night before, he knew that most of her panties were bikini style and the material was silky. But what color would she have on? He shut that thought out of his head as she said, “Hi George…didn’t think you were going to come. Glad you finally made it. Can I get you a drink?” As she poured him a drink, he started glancing around the room and his eyes grew big as he saw a bevy of hot girls all over the place. Amy was HOT and so were many of her closest friends. He figured that the ratio of girls to guys at that party was about 10:1. As the drinks were going down, he began to feel more and more comfortable. He started talking to Amy and found the words were flowing like butter out of his mouth. She was laughing and having a great time talking to him. He excused himself to the bathroom. When he got inside, he just looked at the mirror and shook his head. Why had he waited all this time to make a move on her? All those years he had missed out…he said to himself, “What a loser I’ve been.” A few moments later, he got himself together and went back to the party. When he opened the door, he froze.

What he saw was a PANTY MAN’S DREAM!!! The girls were still dancing, but they were only wearing panties. There were girls everywhere and they were all wearing bikini panties. There were all kinds of colors: white, pink, blue, red, black, purple, yellow and green. But most of all, the majority was WHITE. He couldn’t move…it was as if he was stuck in concrete. He just stood there drooling like a puppy dog looking at the beautiful sights around him. As he stood there, a few girls came over to him and started grinding their panty butts in his crotch. They started slapping his ass and began to kiss on him. As he continued to look around, he didn’t notice any guys (they must have left). He could see Amy across the room and she started coming towards him. Amy was still dressed and grabbed George by the hand. She and the other girls escorted him to the couch nearby and took off his clothes. He sat down and Amy began to do a slow striptease. During this whole time, no words were spoken – enough was said with the look of her eyes.

She wanted George and there was no mistaking that. After she removed her top revealing a sexy white bra, she turned around with her tight ass in front of him and began to unzip her skirt. As the zipper went down, he could see the tip of her white silky bikini panties and his cock grew harder and harder. While she was stripping, the other girls were rubbing their hands all over his body. There must have been 10 girls rubbing on him…he lost count! Unlike the night before, his hands were free this time and he began rubbing their panty butts. There were so many girls he wished he had 10 more hands. He was rubbing their tits, pussies, butts and legs. He was completely lost in PANTY OBLIVION! As Amy’s skirt fell to the floor, she climbed on top of George’s cock and started to ride him like there was no tomorrow. After awhile, he stood up and got behind her. He entered her again and started pumping her harder. The other girls were sucking on each other and getting off. After a few more positions, Amy came so hard that the walls were trembling! They fell to the floor in exhaustion. As they lay there, the other girls started looking at George and his huge cock, which hadn’t CUM yet. They told Amy it was time! She agreed and they picked him up from the floor. This time, they kept him standing and tied him to the mantle. He was spread-eagle and couldn’t move an inch. He just stood there with his hard cock sticking straight out.

The girls left for a few minutes with George standing there naked by himself. When they returned, they had a bunch of panties and a video recorder. They told George, “We’ve always wanted to know what a guy looked like wearing panties.” They continued to laugh as they started pulling a pair up his legs. Once they got the pair to his cock, it became a very tight squeeze. They turned on the video recorder and started taping. He was starting to get embarrassed and his face was turning red. They brought the additional panties over to him and started rubbing them up and down his body. He couldn’t move and there were silky panties being rubbed all over him. He had never worn panties before and the feeling of nylon and silk rubbing against each other was very erotic. His balls were filling up with cum and he didn’t know how much more of this he could stand.

The girls then pulled away and assembled into 2 lines. During this whole time, Amy was sitting on the couch taping this and enjoying the show. Then 2 girls at a time approached George, pulled his panties down and proceeded to suck his balls and cock. One girl played with his balls while the other sucked his cock. Then they would swap…this would go one for 2 minutes and then the next 2 girls were up. 10 minutes later, all the girls had taken turns sucking on George and it was now Amy’s turn. His cock was about to burst. Amy knew this so she didn’t touch him. She just leaned up next to him and started to slowly suck on his ear. She then ran her right hand along his chest and gently pinched his nipples. Slowly, she lowered her right hand to his cock. George was breathing very fast and Amy told the other girls to get close. At that time, she slowly stroked his cock back and forth and the other girls came over and started rubbing panties all over him.

He thought he would never CUM again after the session he encountered the night before, but his balls were getting tighter and he could feel a boatload of CUM working its way to the top. He was nearing explosion and Amy knew it. She started stroking him faster and faster and told him, “Shoot your hot CUM all over us George”. The girls started saying it too and continued rubbing the silky panties on him, especially his balls. He couldn’t hold back any longer and began to CUM. He yelled at the top of his lungs…YES, YES, YES, YES, YES, YES, YES!!!

His CUM shot out at 100 MPH and hit one of the girls in the head, bounced off of her and hit a few other girls in the face. As he was cumming, Amy continued to stroke and stroke as his CUM continued to fly out of his cock at record pace. Just when he thought he might be done, another powerful squirt would fly out. And another, and another, and another…eventually, his balls were emptied and his cock began to wilt. The girls were so horny that they left ‘ole George tied up there while they started satisfying each other right in front of him. Amy kissed him on the cheek and asked him if would stay the night. How he could refuse…?

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