"Massage Parlor"

Dave was in his mid 30’s and recently divorced for about 6 months.  He had been on a few dates, but no activity over the past month.  Needless to say, he was horny all the time.  He hadn’t jerked off in a few days and was dying to cum, but he was running late so he knew he’d have to wait another 12 hours until he got home that night.  He was a college professor at a state university which supplied a bevy of beautiful young women to lust after.

His classes usually ranged around 150 – 200 people.  He taught in an amphitheatre which provided him the advantage of looking up at his students.  Many of the girls enjoyed teasing him by wearing short skirts and leaving their legs open.  Most would be wearing panties and this drove him wild.  He had always loved panties on women and had developed a huge fetish over the years.  As the girls would tease him, his mind would drift and he would pretend they were stripping in front of him.  As they came closer to him, he would turn them around and rub his hands all over their panties.  As his imagination grew so would his cock.  He loved his job and only wished he could take things a little further with the girls in his class.  But to no avail, the girls simply teased him and would leave when class was over.

This just made Dave hornier…when he got home that night, he had some dinner and took a shower.  His cock became very hard from the warm water and he needed some relief.    So he decided to watch some porn, jerk off and go to bed.  About 30 minutes into the movie, a scene came on where a guy entered a massage parlor.  (We all know what happens at Massage Parlors!)  This got him thinking about a recent conversation with some of his buddies a few weeks before.  They had been recounting their past experiences at massage parlors and how enjoyable it was.  Dave had never been to one before, but had always wanted to try it out.  Although it was late, his hard-on got the better of him and he decided to try one out.  So he got in the car and sped to the other side of town.

When he got there, he noticed a neon sign flashing “Open 24 hours”.  He went inside and there was a waiting room.  He went to the window and rang the bell.  About a minute later a little Asian woman came to the window and said, “Can I help you?”  Dave said, “Yes, I’m here for a massage.”  She said, “Do you want ½ hour or 1 hour massage?”  Dave thought for a minute and said “One hour”.  Before she could respond, he blurted out “Can I get 2 girls?”  She said, “Yes, but it will cost you double.”  At this point, money was no object and he agreed.  Soon, she opened the door and he followed her down a long dark hallway.  There were many rooms and strange music being played as he followed her.

This was definitely something he had never experienced and his heartbeat began to pick up.  Eventually, they reached the room and she instructed him to go inside, take his clothes off and lie down on his stomach.  She told him, “Girls will come soon.”  So he got naked and lay on the table.  The lighting was very dim and there were all kinds of oils and lotions on a table next to him.  About 5 minutes later, 2 girls entered the room and he immediately got nervous and excited at the same time.  They said, “You want massage, do you?”  His voice began to choke and all he could say was, “Yuu, Yuu, Yes, please”.

They began to rub their hands on his legs and slowly worked their way up to his neck.  He had not received a massage in years and his body was definitely knotted up and tense.  Their hands were experts at relieving the tension points and he began to moan as they continued.  About 10 minutes later, they instructed him to turn over.  They started at his toes (one girl on each side) and worked there way up to his face.  They did not touch his balls or cock as they moved up his body.  This went on for another 10 minutes and he was becoming aroused by this point.  They looked down at his growing cock and began to talk in another language.  He had no idea what they were saying, but knew it had to be something about his erection.  Then one of the girls said to him, “Would you like to have some fun?”  He played dumb and said, “What kind of fun?” They said, “Would you like a handjob or blowjob?”  He said, “How about both?”  They said, “It will cost you $300.”  He said, “No problem” and gave them his credit card.

As one of the girls left the room to charge the card, the other stayed back.  This one spoke a little better English and they began to have a conversation.  As they began talking, she asked Dave, “What kind of things turn you on?”  He was so horny that he didn’t hold back and told her, “I love PANTIES on a woman, I love the silky bikini type that hugs her ass.  My favorite color of panties is white.”  He went on and on about panties and this really fascinated her.  He then told her, “I’ve never been to a massage parlor before and have always fantasized about coming to one.”  After a few minutes, she excused herself to the bathroom.  They were gone for quite a while and he began to get afraid.  He started thinking this was a sting operation and the cops were gonna bust in and arrest him.  How embarrassing that would be for him?

About 10 minutes later, the door opens and in walks not 2, but 4 girls.  They were all wearing white silk robes.  As he caught a glimpse of their butts, he could see panty lines and his cock immediately became hard.  They said to him, “Since this is your first time, we want to give you a special treat.  If you like, perhaps you will come back again.”  They laid him down on his back and began touching him.  As they starting rubbing his balls, he began staring at their asses and was dying for them to remove their robes.  They could tell he was very turned on so they continued to tease by wiggling their cute little asses in front of him.  He reached his hands out and felt the silky robes.

He ran his fingers along the contour of their panty lines and then cupped their asses with a tight squeeze.  The girls were starting to get turned on as well and pulled away from Dave for a moment.  Then they did what he was dying to see – they removed their robes and turned their tight little asses towards him.  They were all wearing his favorite panties – white silky bikini – and he couldn’t believe it.  The head girl in charge said, “Do you like our panties?”  He could hardly talk and just nodded yes.  The girls gathered around him and started sucking on his cock.  As he lay there, he kept staring at their tight panty butts and decided to touch them.  He slowly began rubbing 2 of the girls’ butts and his cock got stiffer once he felt the silk and nylon on his fingers.  Their hands started rubbing his balls and the inside of his legs.

One of the girls got on the table and put her white panty ass right in front of his face.  She was close to smothering him and he was beginning to feel light-headed.  The girls took turns around the table sitting on him, sucking his balls and cock.  As they moved around the table, he was able to rub all of their butts.  He looked down and realized his cock was larger than it had ever been in his entire life.  The head was purple and bulging…his balls were getting tighter and the girls knew he was close to cumming.   They pulled back from the table and took their panties off.  Then, they put their silky panties on his face so he could smell them.  The girls were so worked up that the panties were very moist.

After a few minutes, they removed the panties from his face and wrapped a pair around his cock.  They used the other pairs to rub on his balls.  They began saying, “Cum on our panties, Cum on our panties you bad boy.”  The stroking got faster and he looked down at 8 hands jerking and rubbing on him.  This put him over the edge.  He said, “I’m cumming, I’m cumming!!!”  Squirts of CUM flew out of his cock and they continued stroking and stroking.  The CUM landed everywhere…it was on their panties, hands, faces, table; even 1 huge squirt hit the wall.  They kept stroking until nothing else came out.  Then they started giggling and talking in a foreign language.  They obviously had enjoyed this session.   They got a warm towel and cleaned him up.  When finished, he sat up slowly and began to get dressed.  The girls escorted him to the door and told him to come back soon.

He was still in a daze as he got in the car.  He drove home slowly and went to bed.  As he lay there, his head was swimming…what had just happened to him was indescribable.  This sexual experience was by far the best he had ever had and he didn’t even have sex with them.  He couldn’t wait to go back for that ...

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