"Panty Raid"

It was Tuesday night during the fall semester and it was nearing about 3 am. The frat boys had been partying all night and having a good time. A couple of the guys were talking about some of the hot girls who lived in the nearby sorority house. The girls had been to the party earlier that night and had been looking damn good. The guys continued talking and came up with a crazy idea. Tom (leader of the group) said, “Let’s go on a panty raid tonight.” Everyone thought it was an excellent idea. Unbeknownst to the rest of the group, Mike (a freshman) had a huge panty fetish and the thought of going into the sorority house and swiping a few pairs of panties was about more than he could handle. However, he kept his cool not wanting the other guys to see how excited he was.

Tom drew up a plan of attack as he had spent more time inside that sorority house than any of the other guys. He had done a few ‘panty raids’ before and knew the ins-and-outs of the house. After about 15 minutes of scheming, the guys got dressed in dark clothes and headed out the door. There were 8 of them and Mike (the only freshman) was in the back of the line. The whole way over to the sorority house Mike was fantasizing about what type panties he would find. Would they be thongs, g-strings or bikinis? He hoped he’d get lucky and find some bikinis. Maybe they’d be silky…he thought, “Oh, God that’d be great”. He could swipe a pair or two, go back to his room, pull his pants down, lie on the bed and jerk off with them. He loved jerking off to panties. His girlfriend in high school wouldn’t have sex with him that much, but would sometimes give her panties to him when the date was over. He would always go home and jerk off with them over and over. He loved to run the nylon panties along his balls and then back up his shaft as he got closer to cumming. Just remembering this was making his cock thump in his pants. In high school, he jerked off about 3 times a day. Now that he was in college seeing hotter chicks every day in class, he wanted to jerk off even more. Unfortunately, he had been so busy over the past week that he hadn’t cum in about 5 days.

The guys got to the house and went around to the backdoor. Tom leaned down, pulled the mat back and picked up a key. He said, “They’ve been leaving this key here for years.” He unlocked the door, put the key back under the mat and proceeded to enter the sorority house. They slowly tiptoed through the kitchen and went upstairs. This house was big and had about 10 bedrooms in it upstairs. Their plan was to sneak in quietly and grab a few pairs of panties. They knew their time was short as inevitably one of the girls would wake up in the night to take a piss or get a drink of water. As they approached upstairs, the guys each went to a different room.

All of the guys except Mike were seniors, juniors and sophomores. They had been there before and knew where the panty drawers were. As they entered the rooms, they were in and out like a flash. As Mike entered the room, he became very nervous. He had never been in a girls’ dorm room before. He slowly crept around and finally noticed some drawers in the corner. He opened the top drawer and hit jackpot. It was full of panties! It was so dark he couldn’t make out the colors, but many were silky so he was very excited. He grabbed a few pairs out and stuffed him in his pocket. He closed the drawer and slowly crept out. By this time, the other guys had received their panty prizes and were heading out the house. Mike was leaving the room when of a sudden…

The hallway light came on and a girl began screaming. Sure enough, she had got up to use the bathroom and heard noises. She saw guys dressed in ski masks going down the stairs and instantly got scared. As soon as she screamed, all hell broke loose. Mike began to run down the hallway, but unfortunately some girls had come out of their bedrooms and were blocking his passage way to the stairs. He began to panic as he realized there was no way out. All of his buddies were already out and headed back to their house. He was screwed – how was he going to get out of this? By this time, all the girls were in the hallway and had surrounded him.

They were pissed and began yelling at him. They questioned why he was there and he said nothing. This really made them angry and then one of the girls noticed a bulge in his right pocket. She stuck her hand in there and pulled out about 4 pairs of panties. The girls started punching and kicking him calling him a pervert and many other horrid names. They tackled him to the floor and he began yelling. He was scared as shit and didn’t know what was going to happen to him. To shut him up, one of the girls came over and put duct tape on his mouth. They spent a minute or two figuring out what they should do to him.

They decided since he liked panties so much that they would dress him up in panties and take his picture. Then they would post these pictures all around school and the internet to publicly humiliate him. He tried to talk, but his sounds were muffled from the duct tape. They tore his clothes off and got him naked. Then Kay (leader of the group) took one of the pairs of white panties he’d stolen and began pulling them up his body. Mike was a small guy (about 5’9” and weighed around 160 lbs). The panties were snug as she pulled them up around his crotch. They stood him up and placed him against the wall. Then Lisa began taking pictures! They turned him around to get pictures of his ass in the cute little panties…the girls were laughing hysterically and definitely having some fun at Mike’s expense. During this entire humiliation period, thoughts were flooding his mind about having to drop out of school, tell his parents, etc.

About 30 minutes went by and the girls had taken a lot of pics of Mike wearing several different panties. They even dressed him up in a bra, garters, panties and stockings. The ensemble was white and the girls said, “My, isn’t he cute?” Finally Kay said, “I’m getting horny” and the other girls agreed. They pulled him to the ground and stripped him naked again. Then they handcuffed his hands above his head and sat on his legs so he couldn’t move. Most girls were dressed in t-shirts and shorts. As they began to take their clothes off around him, his mind was racing and his cock was growing. He had never had much sex in his life, but sure had dreamed of it a lot. Now, he was looking at many girls who were horny and wanted to have sex with him.

They stripped down to their panties and began rubbing on his body. They were touching all parts of his body except his throbbing cock. 2 of the girls, Lori and Allison, started sucking on his fingers. No one had ever sucked on his fingers before, but this felt great. After 10 minutes of being rubbed by many hands, Kay got on her knees in front of his crotch and started sucking on his balls. Another girl slowly started stroking his aching cock. The girls took turns rubbing, sucking and stroking Mike for awhile. They then put a ring around his balls and said, “We don’t you want cumming too soon.”

Finally, Kay climbed aboard and put Mike’s hard cock inside her wet pussy. She was so worked up that when she pulled her panties to the side to insert his cock her juices started running down her leg. Mike had some pre-cum boiling and was dying to cum. Kay rode him hard and her voice got louder as she was approaching orgasm. Eventually, she came and got off of him. Michelle was next and this continued until all the girls were satisfied. After the last girl got off of Mike, his cock was huge and he was dying to cum. He needed relief in the worst way! They removed the ring from under his cum-filled balls. Kay, Michelle, Lori, Allison and Lisa left for a moment while the other girls kept him pinned to the floor.

They came back a few moments later with a couple duffle bags. They opened the zippers to the bags and turned them over on Mike. The bags were full of panties and they dumped them all over him. The girls began to spread them all over his body from head to toe. There were all kinds of panties – some were thongs and g-strings, but the majority was bikinis. Some of the panties were cotton, but most of them were nylon, satin and silky material. They played tug of war with his cock by pulling it back and forth with the panties. He was so covered in panties you could hardly see his body. They rubbed the sweet silky material over his body and fondled his balls. No one dared to stroke him as they knew he would blow! This went on for awhile…the girls continued until they could tell by his squirming that he was about to cum.

Now, it was time for the milking to begin and the girls were ready to see him explode. They got on their knees around him in a circle as Kay began stroking his bulging cock. She stroked him with a pair of the panties he’d stolen, a white silky pair. As she stroked him, the other girls rubbed the panties on him...he could feel the cum moving up from his balls and knew he couldn’t hold back any longer. Kay felt his cock get even harder and she stroked faster and faster. Mike’s head began to move back and forth quickly as he was yelling. With the tape around his mouth, all you could hear were muffled sounds. A few seconds later, a massive shot of cum shot straight up in the air. The girls couldn’t believe their eyes as he continued to shoot one blast after another out of his boiling cock. Kay continued to pump him until his balls were empty. Mike’s eyes rolled into the back of his head. The girls laughed and took a few more pics of him lying there covered in panties and his own cum.

Eventually, they got off of him, removed the handcuffs and duct tape. They let him get dressed and then escorted him downstairs to the couch. Kay instructed him that if he didn’t want those pictures to be published and distributed he would have do whatever they said for the entire school year. Mike had just become a slave…

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