"Slumber Party"

It was Friday afternoon and Billy was anxious for the weekend to begin.  His parents were leaving town and he was looking forward to having some fun. His stepsister (Kim) was a senior as well and was planning on having a bunch of her girlfriends over that night for a slumber party. Although Kim was his stepsister, he had a crush on her since his dad had married her mom 3 years ago. She was hot and very popular in school. She hung around the “in-crowd” and her girlfriends were also very pretty. Kim was unaware of Billy’s admiration for her.

He was 17 years old and his hormones were cranking constantly. It would drive him insane when she ran around the house in her t-shirt and panties. Whenever he saw her sweet tight ass in those white nylon panties, his cock would get stiff instantly. He had no choice but to run to the bathroom and jerk off. It wouldn’t take him but 2 to 3 strokes and the cum would start flying out of his raging cock.

This torture had existed in Billy’s life since she moved into the house. Although he had been tempted many times, he never snuck into her room to play with her panties. For some reason, he just couldn’t bring himself to do it. It was now 8 PM and the doorbell rang. It was a few of Kim’s friends coming over for the party. Billy stayed in his room and listened to the giggling downstairs.

Just knowing there were several hot girls from his high school hanging out in his house was more than he could handle. He was getting hungry and decided to go out for awhile. As he was leaving the house, a few more of her friends showed up. They smiled at Billy and said hello to him as he was getting in the car. As they started walking towards the house, his hands clutched the steering wheel as he stared at their tight, little sexy bodies. They slowly made their way to the door as Billy continued to stare.

All of a sudden, a loud noise thumped his driver’s side window and scared him to death. It was Angie (Kim’s best friend) and she was laughing. Billy rolled the window down and Kim asked him if he was enjoying the show. His face grew red as he was sporting a massive hard-on in his pants. Before Billy could answer, Angie said, “Looks like your weapon is loaded and ready for action”. Angie was always teasing Billy and giving him a hard time. He rolled the window up and drove off in a flash.

A few hours later Billy had filled up his belly with some fast-food and was hanging out with his buddies in the parking lot. They all sat around telling jokes and stories. As he grew quiet, all he could think about was his house filled with hot young pussy. He hung out for another hour and then told the boys he had to get home. They razzed him, but he ignored it and sped home. When he arrived, it was quiet. He went into the kitchen and realized all the girls were downstairs in the basement. They were probably talking, eating and watching a movie. He decided to go upstairs to his room and chill out for the remainder of the night. As he walked up the stairs, his curiosity got the better of him. He looked into his step-sisters’ room and noticed there were a pile of duffle bags all over the floor and bed. His heart began to race as he could only imagine what was inside those bags.

Before he could change his mind, he quickly looked downstairs to see if the coast was clear and then darted inside Kim’s room. As he entered, his cock began to swell in anticipation. He picked up a blue bag and pulled the zipper back. Inside the bag was a pair of shorts, a tank-top, socks, bathroom bag and a pair of panties. They were bunched up in the bag and he decided to pull them out for a closer inspection. As he touched them, his cock pressed harder against his jeans. The panties were white satin bikini.

He brought them towards his nose and inhaled. He was beginning to feel dizzy and sat down on the bed. As he looked around, there must have been 12 other bags in the room. He knew it was unsafe to be in her room, but he couldn’t help himself. He went through bag after bag searching for panties. As he found them, he threw them into a pile. When he was completely done, he had amassed a beautiful display. They were all made of the silky material and the colors were white, pink, red, black and purple.

Now there was only thing left to do…look inside Kim’s panty drawer. He had never done this before, but he couldn’t hold back any longer. He crept over to her dresser and started opening drawers. Finally on his third try, he hit jackpot! It was her panty drawer and it was filled with sexy PANTIES!!! He ran his hands all over the panties and caressed them like it was her ass. As he began to pull a pair out of the drawer, his worst fear happened! He heard someone say behind him, “What in the hell are you doing?” It was Kim, his step-sister. He dropped the panties and stood there dumbfounded. His cock was rock hard and very noticeable. She began to yell and humiliate him for the next 5 minutes. He was busted and pleaded with her not to tell their parents. She told him he was a pervert and would make sure every kid in school found out. He begged her not to say anything, but it went on deaf ears. Soon, Angie came running upstairs and into the room. She said, “What’s all the yelling about up here? Is everything OK?” Kim said, “No, I found Billy in my room playing with our panties. What a fucking perv, he is!” Angie broke out laughing and Billy just sunk to the floor. He was absolutely dejected. How could he be so stupid, he thought to himself? This was the most embarrassing moment of his life.

After a few minutes, Kim finally said, “We’re going back downstairs. Stay out of my room you little pantyfreak.” As they left, Billy got up and went to his room. He closed the door and laid down on his bed. His hard-on was gone, but the pre-cum had left a big wet spot in his pants. He took his clothes off, turned the light out and went to sleep. His emotions were all screwed up. He was horny, yet dreaded the thought of everyone finding out about his panty fetish. He knew it was out of his control so he closed his eyes and went to sleep.

A few hours later, he was rudely awakened by the lights coming on his room. As he sat up and wiped his eyes, he noticed his room was full of Kim and her girlfriends. They were gathered around his bed from right to left. Kim had a devilish look on her face and he began to get scared. She said to him, “How you doing Pantyfreak?” His nightmare was coming true as all the girls began to laugh hysterically. Kim continued to berate him making him feel more and more guilty. Finally she said, “Girls, it’s time to have some fun.” At that moment, they jumped on Billy and pinned him to the bed. There were 12 of them and he couldn’t move at all. They pulled the sheets back revealing his semi-erect cock. They spread his arms and legs out spread-eagle and began to tie him down to the bed. His bed had wheels on the bottom and they rolled it to the middle of the room. He couldn’t move at all…he lay there naked as the girls continued laughing.

Angie brought in a camera and started taking pictures of Billy. Kim instructed her friends to start stripping down to their panties. Upon command, the other 11 girls began removing their clothes. Billy couldn’t contain himself and his cock became fully hard. It was pointing straight up in the air and was hard as a rock. The girls continued laughing and were finally stripped down to only their panties. Kim remained dressed and continued to give out orders to the girls. First, she instructed them to put a device around his balls to prevent him from shooting his load due to all the excitement. Next she gave them shaving cream and a razor. She instructed them to shave all hair around his cock and balls. When they completed, she gave them a huge bottle of baby oil and told them to squirt it all over his body and rub it in. She demanded that no one touch his genitals! As the oil began hitting his body, the girls started rubbing their hands all over him. The feeling was indescribable to have that many soft hands touching almost every part of his body.

He desperately wanted relief and began to beg them to touch his cock. Kim knew that if that happened, he would CUM immediately! She told him to shut up and ordered Angie to go into the garage and get some duct tape. Angie returned in a flash and put a large piece over his mouth. She continued taking pictures of poor ‘ole Billy. What a sight to behold…he was gagged, tied up, and had over 20 hands rubbing his body from head to toe. Although no one dared to touch Billy’s genitals, Kim could tell he was about to blow. She ordered the girls to stop touching him and get off the bed. In an instant, they stopped and Billy just laid there moaning. He had never wanted to CUM so bad in his life. Kim instructed the girls to leave the room. As they were leaving, Kim leaned down and whispered to him, “We’re going to leave you here the whole weekend”.

Over time, his hard on eventually wilted and a pool of pre-cum lay between his legs on the bed. Eventually, he drifted off back to sleep. A few hours later, he was awoken again by Kim and the girls. Billy no longer was excited and they began laughing at the small size of his penis. Angie said, “My, it’s feast or famine with his cock.” Kim reached down and removed the device from under his balls. The quick touch of her hand on his balls ignited his cock to grow. As his eyes became focused, he noticed that all the girls were still only wearing panties. Within no time, his cock was standing straight up in the air. Kim began talking dirty to Billy and said, “So, you like to smell our panties, huh?” She ordered the girls to remove their panties and give them to her. They turned around with their tight little asses in front of Billy and wiggled the panties off their bodies. They gave them to Kim and she placed a few pairs on his face ensuring he would sniff the crotch of their panties. The smell was strong as the girls had been wearing these panties all day. As he inhaled, his nuts began to tighten. She then began removing her clothes and continued talking dirty to him.

As the other girls looked on, she stripped down to her panties and climbed on the bed. She got on her knees at the end of the bed near his feet and grabbed two pairs of panties. Each pair was white and silky…she put them over her hands and began to rub his legs up and down. The feeling of having panties rubbed on his legs was something Billy had never experienced. He wanted this feeling to go on forever, but his balls were turning blue and he needed to CUM. Kim knew he was getting close so she crossed over his right leg and lay next to him. She ordered the girls to lie around him on the bed. She instructed Angie that it was time.

Angie bent down to the floor, swooped up a ton of panties and dumped them over Billy. The girls spread them over his body. He was covered in panties and you could hardly see any part of his body. Kim instructed them to rub him all over while she was going to stroke his cock. His eyes popped out of his head when he heard that. Within seconds, CUM started flying out of his cock. It was shooting out in massive squirts as Kim continued to stroke him perfectly. The back-up of not cumming for hours and being tortured to death had caught up with Billy. He continued to cum for over an entire minute.

Finally, the spasms slowed and eventually ended. Kim and the girls began rubbing the hot sticky cum all over each other. They laughed and decided they needed a shower. They got up and began leaving the room. Kim turned around and smiled at Billy. She told him, “Get some sleep…we’ll be back later!”

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