"Girlfriends Worn Thong"

Hi my names richi my girlfriend is called chloe.

she loves to wear dresses with splits at the side and wear sexy pink thongs she is totally shaved her thongs are so damp. everyday our friends come over and she teases them by opening her legs or doing splits so they can see her thong while i watch; even woman stare at her she is so sexy it turns her on.

one day she took her thong off put it in the wash basket and come back into the front room wearing a white thong. this time we was playing a game and we all got horny the girls were on the table showing there thongs and the men were in boxers with erections.

My girlfriend bent over the table showing gusset wearing tight long dress and her thong was totally wet and pussy you could see her shaved pussy lips through her thong so we all started to get dirty the men had to run there tongue of all the womans thongs that they were wearing they were all wet inside. The guys wearing only boxers with huge cocks and we all got down to masturbating in front of each other.  all the womans thongs taken off past around feeling how wet they are mens boxers taken off so the woman can feel finally we were all had no underwear on just cocks out and there pussys out.

we all were getting dressed and my girlfriends thong went missing but by the time we found out they had all left to go home.  dont even know until this day who took the thong!

thankyou for reading this story and hope you enjoyed it thanks richi and chloe xxxxxx