"A Real Panty Chat!"

I am new at this Panty fetish thing. I had a girl ask me the other day on a chat session what do you do with the panties and it has prompted this story. I never knew how much the sweet sent and feel of a women's used panties would turn me on!
Below is the chat session. The names have been replaced with HER and ME...

HER: What do you do with women's used panties she asked?

ME: I have sniffed them to get the sweet scent of the pussy that was recently in them... then with myself standing stiff, sometimes I will put them on and slowly move my cock back and forth in them until I have pre- cum streaming through the soft material. At times like today I will wear them all day (at work).


ME: YEP.. In fact just writing this I can feel the pre-cum inching from my balls to the tip of my penis and I am now throbbing in a fresh pair of my wife's satin panties.

HER: How did you find out you liked panties?

ME: I am really kind of new at this, my wife went into early menopause and stopped wanting anything to do with sex. We still have sex, about once a month, but I need much more than that. I have never purchased any panties from any girls, mostly I enjoy my wife’s and my neighbours, shhhh my wife does not know about any of this!

HER: Yea, but how did you find out you liked women's used panties.

ME: Well, it all started a few months ago when I was watching my neighbours dogs. I had to use the restroom when I went to go feed them and right on the floor in front of the dirty clothes was a pair of black silk bikini style panties with the inside of the crotch sitting open. I instantly had a throbbing hard on! I picked them up and could not resist the temptation to smell them.

HER: So you stole them or what?

ME: No I did not steal them, here is what happened.

HER: go on?

ME: They were still a little damp, so she must have taken them off just before they left that morning. I still had my pants unzipped and started rubbing my throbbing penis with them, oh the soft silk felt so good! Before long I had pre-cum streaming out the tip of my throbbing penis.

ME: I could not believe I was sitting in my neighbour's bathroom with my cock standing straight in the air playing with myself with her panties. I turned from the hamper and caught a glimpse of myself in the mirror, I could not resist putting them on myself. I pulled my pants and underwear off and slowly pulled up the black silky fabric.

HER: Keep going you panty freak.

ME: You think I am a freak?

HER: Keep going I said, I like your story, you are making my panties all wet. :-).

ME: OK>>> let's see, I could barley fit my penis inside those panties, my neighbour is a size 6! I was sooooo turned on I now had the crotch and the front of the panties soaking wet with pre-cum. I slowly moved myself back and forth in the panties and came harder than I had in months.

HER: So did you take them home?

ME: No like I said I did not take these ones home. This was sooo erotic for me. Here I had been relieving myself for the previous six months looking at dirty pictures on the internet and in the shower.

HER: So what did you do with the cum stained panties?

ME: Well at this point I grabbed a towel out of the hamper and attempted to clean them off. I am so glad that this did not work to well, you see me and my neighbour now have a thing going on.

HER: go on?

ME: My neighbours leave town every other weekend or so and I watch her dogs for her. Every time I do she has a new pair of sexy panties laying in the same place right by the dirty clothes hamper. I have even become so direct that I now take the panties and bring back the ones she left me two weeks earlier. She continues to leave them for me and we have now exchanged a few kinky smiles ;-).

I have never purchased a pair of panties from anyone like Cindy, however: the thought is appealing. Long story short, I still love my wife and enjoy having sex with her, but this has definitely kept me from going nuts since she went into menopause.

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