"Basement Fun"

There's this Cuban 18 year old in my building, and is always sooo damn cute looking.

She has one of those perfect round asses that you could spend HOURS licking and sniffing! You can also almost always see her panty line if she's not wearing her thongs or g-strings, most of the time they're fullback bikini cuts and cotton too.

Her jeans will ride down a bit in the back, giving me a nice little shot of the top of her panties. Anyway, I was in the basement a few weeks ago and she came down to do her laundry. She was wearing tight sweatpants that showed off that lovely ass of hers, they were a bit tight in the crotch area too, showing off that little chubby vagina!

We started chatting about nothing important, I could tell she knew I was checking her out as she was shooting me flirty smiles and kind of biting her lip a bit. After a while of small talk her mother called for her and she had to go pick up her sister.

She said that we should hang out sometime etc. and gave a very nice smile (that whole thing will be for another story because it's very well worth it!). She leaves and my mind goes RIGHT to her dirty laundry basket. I take a look in and right under the first shirt on top is a beautiful pair of light blue cotton panties.

I quickly grabbed it out, opened them up to look at the crotch area and to my delight was a nice little yellow crust stain! I held them up to my nose, from the outside first, imagining that they were on her and how she would smell through the cotton.

The scent was strong and sexy. I got so hard right away! I turned them over and put the ass part up to my nose too, a slight scent from her ass pushed my over the edge. I folded them inside out, and pressed that stained crust right up against my nose and inhaled DEEPLY.

The musk was so fuckin hot, I stuck out my tongue and ran it along that cotton strip that was hugging her young slit. It tasted divine to say the least. I quickly pulled out my cock and started jerking it, the smell was so strong and lovely that I lasted about 3 minutes before I was shooting hot cream all over the floor.

I put the panties back in the hamper and went back upstairs with a grin that only another panty sniffer would know!!