"Cock-Teasing Goddess!"

I had fancied this girl at my work for ages. Her name was Lisa and she was so hot!  Not only was she incredibly pretty with blonde hair and blue eyes. She also had a body to die for.

Her best feature was definitely her legs and boy did she like to show them off! She would draw attention to them by wearing short skirts, stilettos and sometimes knee high boots. All the guys wanted her and she knew it.

I didn't think I had a chance, but I couldn't stop thinking of her. My dreams were full of her pretty face, her seductive smile and those sexy legs. I was totally in awe of her beauty and I would tingle with excitement whenever she spoke to me.

Eventually I plucked up the courage to ask her out. I was expecting her to politely turn me down and I went bright red when I asked her, but to my utter astonishment and delight, she said yes.

We arranged to go round the bars in our local town on Saturday night. I couldn't believe my luck! Just being seen out with her was an honour. Anything else would be a bonus.

The day soon came round and I found myself knocking on her front door at 7.00 sharp. Lisa answered the door wearing that charming smile and wrapped in a towel.

"Hi, I'm not ready yet" she said, "but if you help me, we'll be out in no time."

"OK" I said, "what do you want me to do?"

"Just follow me" she preened, and she led me into her bedroom.

Before I could speak she turned to face me and dropped the towel on the floor. I was totally gobsmacked! Lisa was standing naked as day in front of me. My eyes scanned this vision of beauty before me and I was lost for words. The bulge in my jeans spoke volumes and Lisa just giggled and said, "Could you pass me the packet of stockings in that top drawer please?"

I jumped out of my dazed state and opened the top drawer of a dressing table which I was stood next to. I was greeted by a drawer full of sexy lingerie. Lacy and silky knickers and bras, mostly in black. I saw the packet of black stockings Lisa referred to and lifted them out of the drawer.

Lisa was already clipping a black suspender belt around her waist. She then sat down on her bed and coyly asked, "Will you put them on my legs for me please?"

Without a second thought I dropped to my knees and started to open the packet. As I unrolled the black nylon stockings Lisa lifted her left leg off the floor. With trembling hands I placed the stocking over her foot and began rolling it up her leg. I then nervously clipped the suspender strap to the stocking. I looked up and Lisa was smiling away. She was obviously aware of the effect this situation was having on me, and she was loving it!

I then placed the remaining stocking over her other leg and attached it in a similar fashion. Lisa then rose to her feet and turned around so that her perfect bottom was level with my face. I proceeded to clip the remaining two suspender straps and waited for her next command.

"Can you help me with my bra please?" she beamed as she passed me a black lacy wonder-bra. I rose from my kneeling position and took the bra from her. Still standing behind her I dutifully placed the bra over her peachy breasts and fastened the clip at the back.

Lisa then turned to face me and added, "I won't be wearing any panties tonight, so you can help me on with my skirt next. Could you get it for me out of that wardrobe."

I approached the wardrobe and opened the door. It was full of all sorts of feminine garments hanging from the rails, with various pairs of shoes and boots in the bottom.

"I think I'll wear my leather skirt tonight. It's there on the end if you would like to bring it to me." she requested.

I lifted the skirt from it's hanger. It was a tiny black leather miniskirt and I could not wait to see Lisa in it.

I walked over to her and sank to my knees in front of her. I gulped as my face was just inches away from her bush and she didn't seem to mind one bit. I opened up the skirt so that Lisa could step into it. As she did so I pulled the skirt up her long legs. The skirt looked so cool on her. It was so tight and short and only just covered her stocking tops.

She then instructed to me to fetch her a blouse from her wardrobe. She pointed out a sleeveless leopard print little number which would go great with the black leather skirt. I helped her into this and now it was make-up time.

I watched in awe as she applied foundation, eye-shadow, mascara and bright red lipstick. She then plonked a bottle of red nail varnish in my hands and asked me to paint her nails. As she placed her hands out in front of me I noticed that all of her fingernails were long and sharp. I just hoped and prayed that those nails would be raking down my back that night.

I gently applied the varnish to each nail and and as we waited for it to dry I returned to Lisa's wardrobe as per her instructions and picked out her black leather knee-high boots with stiletto heels. For the third time that night I knelt before her and placed her legs into the sexy boots. I slowly zipped them close and we were finally ready to go.

From the first pub onwards, Lisa attracted the admiring stares of all the guys. It was hilarious seeing the looks on their faces when she lifted her skirt to show off her stocking tops. She obviously thrived on the attention and I felt so lucky to be the one she was out with. It was the subtle things she did which blew my mind. Like the first time she asked me for a cigarette. When I lit it for her she teasingly blew smoke in my face and gave such a sexy pout. She continued to smoke in the most feminine manner and made me even more stiff down below than I already was.

The night moved on and we both downed a few drinks. Lisa also had a smashing personality and buckets of charm. We were getting on great and certainly getting closer minute by minute. Every now and again she would move her face close to mine and looked into my eyes like we were going to kiss. I would move forward to kiss her but she would pull away at the last second and then laugh playfully. She seemed to love dangling the carrot in front of me and then cruelly pulling it away. But I can't deny it, I was loving it too.

I could not believe how much of a turn-on this girl was. She simply oozed sex and knew exactly how to keep a man horny and hard for her. My cock had been erect since the moment I arrived at her house. I lost count of the times she rubbed the mound in my jeans with her hand and whispered in my ear stuff like, "You had better stay hard for me. Don't you dare cum until I allow you."

By the time we reached the last bar we were both quite drunk. We started to dance which allowed Lisa more teasing opportunities. When we danced face to face and I pulled her in close she would grind her crotch into my bulge. That was nothing compared to when she turned away from me and bent over forward. Then she gyrated her leather clad bottom over my hardness. I was absolutely dying to fuck her! I had never been this turned on in my life.

We left the bar and hailed a Taxi home. We sat in the back of the cab together and snogged for most of the journey home. We finally got down to a bit of snogging and Lisa hitched up her skirt so that her stocking tops were showing and pulled my hand toward her pussy. She guided two of my fingers into her hole which was so wet. The taxi driver could no doubt see everything in his mirror but that certainly did not bother Lisa.

We finally arrived back at her house and I could hardly contain myself. I thanked my lucky stars as she guided me straight to her room. We started to kiss and I removed her blouse and then that naughty little leather skirt. Next, I skilfully unclipped her bra and we fell onto her bed. I moved down a little to kiss her neck and breasts and after a few minutes I became aware of Lisa's hands on the top of my head and she forcefully forced my head further down in a clear indication she wanted oral pleasure.

There was no way I would disobey her so I obligingly got my tongue to work on her soaking lips and clit. I so wanted to please this sexual enchantress and I tried extra hard to give her the best oral workout she'd ever had. Eventually, she moaned and gasped in waves of pleasure and came all over my face.

My prick was still rock hard and aching for relief and I climbed back on top of her. Encouragingly she grabbed my dick and started to rub it up and down her fanny lips. She smiled and teasingly asked,

"You want to fuck me so much don't you?"

"Oh yes" I answered. "Please let me fuck you Lisa. You are the sexiest girl I've ever met. You are a goddess."

She then laughed and added, "Now what kind of girl would I be if I let you fuck me on the first date?"

I had been shot down in flames again but she went on, "But you can see me again if you like?"

Without a moment's hesitation I answered, "I'd love to see you again. You've got me hooked."

She smiled triumphantly and stated, "Now, let's get some sleep, and you can make me breakfast in the

That night I went to sleep with a smile on my face and a stonking erection. I had been charmed, seduced and enthralled by my cock-teasing goddess!