I got to Heathrow Airport around about, 04.30am.

My plane was set to leave at, 06am that morning. I was shaking as I didn t like flying In my pocket I carried some pills to calm my nerves, and some sleeping pills for on the Aeroplane. I swallowed back a brandy to steady my nerves. Then booked in for the flight, at about 05.30 there was an announcement through the Airport that my flight was delayed by an hour. The couple sitting next to me said its always the same hear there is always delays if its not one thing its another. the chap pulled out a pack of cards and we played gin rummy for matchsticks.

The time flew by and it was soon time to board the plane, I was shaking to my boots. I told the stewardess that I was frightened about flying, and what had happened when I flew all them years ago. I said I had some sleeping pills from my doctor which I took and sat in my seat the stewardess said once they have taken off they would help me put my seat into the reclining mode and I could sleep for most of the twenty two hour flight.

I was shaking in my boots, as the Aeroplane took off. The steward came over and a young lady who told me that she used to be afraid to fly too. She said she would sit next to me to calm me down as I drifted into a deep sleep. I woke up about 18 hours later at 3am the next day.

The young lady was true to her word, she had stayed with me the twenty two hour flight. I was shaking in my boots, as the Aeroplane took off. The steward came over and a young lady who told me that she used to be afraid to fly too. She said she would sit next to me to calm me down as I drifted into a deep sleep. I woke up about 18 hours later at 3am the next day.

The young lady was true to her word, she had stayed with me the whole time. She said I will call the stewardess over to give you some wet wipes so you can freshen up a little and get something to eat and drink so you can take your pain killers. I asked what time it was, she said that it was about 4:30am. I said that means I have been asleep nearly twenty hours, I hope you didn t stay awake all this time. She smiled and said don t be silly even the pilot was sitting over there snoring hid head off. I said then who was flying the plane, she replied the co-pilot, and the auto pilot. We chatted for a while and I told her that I was going to Australia to meet a lady called Jean, who I had met on a poetry site on the internet.

I said that I had had three poetry books published and two short story books, and that I was writing another about this trip. I asked if I could know her name and if I could use it and it. She told me that her name was Mary, and she was born in Dublin city in southern Ireland. And that she and her husband moved to Australia about 10 years ago. She said that she a photo of her in my book! She said, You want me in your Book, fantastic I would love to be in travels the world selling Electrical accompaniments for the aviation industry. I took her photo and the photos of the crew of the aeroplane, so I could put them in my book when, or if it ever got published. Suddenly over the loud speakers we were told to put our seats up ready for landing. The time had flown past. Thanks to Mary, and the Aircraft crew. I felt really calm and good, ready for anything. It was 730am British time and about 739pm Australian time. Twelve hours difference, I walked through the terminal of Sidney s International Airport. Thinking to my self, What had I done! If she doesn t turn up. What if it was some kind of a joke!

I was shaking from head to toe, I thought if she doesn t like me, what then? I haven t got the money to go home, and this was a one way ticket. I had to sit down on the nearest chair worried almost to death. Mary came up behind me and asked what was wrong. She could see the fear in my eyes. She said, Listen to me, Do you love her? I said yes, but what if she has changed her mind. What if she takes one look at me and turns around and walks out. Mary said, Your worrying about nothing. She is probably thinking exactly like you are, I bet you the ticket home that tMY FIRST NIGHT Can you show me where you want me to sleep She said to Laurabell I think I will have a early night too. Lauren, smiled saying don t do anything I wouldn t will you mum. They both smiled. Jean showed me upstairs to the spare bedroom and said, You can sleep hear or you can share my bed.

I looked into her eyes and said, I think we should start as we mean to go on. She kissed me, and lead me to her bedroom, and said which side do you want to sleep Eamon, I smiled and said the same side as you. We kissed. She broke off our kiss and flicked her tongue across my nose, then my lips again. Before I responded, our tongues met an electric shock ran down the length of our bodies, she looked into my eyes and said, I love you Eamon, I said in return I love you too Jean. We sat together on the edge of her bed and kissed. Jean had moved hers down to my shorts and started unbuttoning them she was fingering me slowly and gently taking my cock in her hands and kissing its soft fleshy part, saying your mine now.

I leaned back against the headboard as she started to suck and kiss it, I moaned softly, she looked up into my eyes and smiled saying its been so long. I spoke softly back to her saying now you can have me for ever, and ever she said. I slipped my hand down under her skirt and started rubbing her finger on her pussy and clit and soon, she was on fire and when Jean asked me to take off my shirt I was quick to strip for her, she looked at me up and down slowly and said I want you in me. I said once in I am not going to come out until I fill you with hot cum, is that ok by you Jean I said. You bet, I want your cum in every hole in my body. I want people to smell you in me to almost taste your smell seeping from every pore of my body. I said then come hear I want to taste your pussy before and after. I happily licked and sucked on her pussy, Within a short time, I licked her to a wonderful orgasm for the first time, she screamed out in delight I went down on her very sweet smelling cunt. I enjoyed slipping my tongue in and around her hot sweet pussy.

I felt myself get hot and as quick as a flash, she had another mini-orgasm as I was licking my lips tasting her cum. She lifted my head to hers and we kissed. I grabbed at her breasts and sucked each nipple in turn. She said do you want to play 69 with me? I replied smiling You will have to show me I cant remember how to play that one. She told me to lay on my back on her bed, we started stroking and touching each other softly, gently. She leaned over me to give me a wet kiss and I told her to take a seat up on to my chin. Where she could lean forward and kiss the tip of my cock, she smiled and climbed aboard. She straddled my head and she teased my lips and flicking tongue by pulling her pussy away just as I reached it. I wanted her so badly I ached. She finally lowered her pussy to my mouth, slowly rubbing it against my tongue, my lips savouring her taste, my nostrils I inhaling her sweet smell. She began to moan, getting louder as she rubbed herself harder against my face, finally exploding in an orgasmic explosion on to my lips and goat like beard drenching it in her sweet flavoured honey cum. When it was over, she asked me about the bondage, how new was this, and how far did I want to take it.

She said she'd never done anything other than what we have done, but that she was finding herself being turned on by it. I told her that it was the same for me, and that there's a part of me that wants to test my limits she said if your willing Eamon, then I am to try it once if its with you. From her nightstand she brought out my most realistic dildo, 8 inches long about the same length as my cock and a little thicker in inches of bendable gel-like substance. I inserted it into her pussy, getting it lubricated with my juices, staring into Jeans eyes. She laid down, handed it to me and asked me to fuck her in the ass with it, spreading and lifting her legs. I leaned over and kissing her deeply, she felt the dildo rubbing against her asshole, and slowly begin to slide it in, inch by inch.

ShIT THE WAKE UP CALL I woke up with a warm feeling all around my cock, looking down the bed I felt Jean slowly licking it as I was waking for the first night in this new Country of Australia. She looked back at me, an I smiled and said to her you remembered what I said on the net that it was a fantasy of mine to wake up with a beautiful woman kissing and sucking my cock. She smiled and said, I will make all your fantasys come true just the way you have made all my dreams come true. Eamon I love you she said. Jean I said I love you too. She sucked me taking all of my cock into her mouth. I said come hear Jean, She said not yet I want you to explode into my mouth. I said come hear I want to explode into your pussy, may I? she lifted her head up and we kissed. Yes please she said. She welcomed me warmly with hugs and kisses. I want you to explode in side me.

I started kissing Jean on her neck, licking her ears, getting her hotter and hornier, my hand sliding under her as my fingers slipping inside to finger her damp pussy. Jean spread her legs wider and told me to slip my swollen cock into her, I smiled. She said that feels good. She said fuck me good and hard, I want to feel you Cumming splashing against my inner walls with your hot spunk coming from your dick buried deep in my pussy. the harder and deeper, the better. she said. I kissed her softly on the lips, and I will be your little whore. So Eamon I want you to really fuck me hard. Fuck me like a horny rabbit on heat, I want to feel all your 8 inches deep inside my hot dripping wet horny Cunt.

She brushed her hand across my cock just to feel move. Baby I said, if I do that I may not be able to control myself , I don t care a few seconds deep in side me. Please Eamon. Jean you know I will never say no to you. You can have me anytime as much or little as you want. But! But what Eamon? But I want to lick you to an Orgasm first is that ok Jean. What are you waiting for Do me now I fucking want it all and more quickly began smothering Jean with kisses, with my hands roaming over her body. My hands found her pussy my fingers were playing while my licked her sucking her clit. This was good for me. Jean was moaning as I worked my head, her pussy on my mouth. Jean climaxed very quickly, twice, as I continued to eat away at her hot pussy, and then it was my turn. I laid on my back on the bed, Jean started to work on me.

Twith you will be like a lifetime with others, I want to feel your Hot spunk shooting hen there was a knock at the door, I said of all the bloody luck just as we get started. Jean said wait there I think I know who it is, We I mean I will be right back, I said hurry my love. A little while later she came back smiling and said I ve got a gift for you Eamon. Lets have a look then I said still naked, and in walked her friend. Shit I said you could have warned me I would have put something on. Her friend said, Jean its huge! I didn t believe you when you first said it can I, Jean said to me, She is yours tonight Eamon. She walked in ahead of us, turned around, facing said thank you jean but not without you she s not. Are you turning me down her friend said. I said no of Course not but I want to see you and Jean together first then I will give you both my all. They both smiled. Jean said Eamon this is Janice, I said hello sexy! Are you going to strip for me. You bet you bottom dollar I am she said. us, and started removing clothing.

I sat on the couch, watching her slowly strip. Jean dropped to her knees, on the floor in front of her and licked her way up my thighs until her tongue found Janice s swollen love bud and tasted her Honey, Yum, yum, yum she said. Eamon come over and try some. How could I say no! as I came over Jean whispered to me, I want to taste your cum in her pussy, can I? Jean I said, does Janice want my cum in her pussy. She heard me and said , Yes please Eamon may I. What could I do ! Two hot lady s wanted me to so I said Yes! But later ok. They both smiled. Janice climaxed very quickly, twice, as Jean continued to eat away at her hot pussy, and then it was my turn. Jan went to the bed and told me to lay back and enjoy. She Mounted my cock it slipped right to the hilt.

She fucked me hard. Janice has really gotten into sex, these past few weeks, the harder and deeper, the better. Ash bobbed up and down on my cock Jean mounted my face two can fuck you Eamon she said as she kissed and touched Jan s boobs, I licked Jeans hot cummy cunt as it dripped into my mouth And Jan was riding my 8 cock. Life was good then the both got off me and I said that I need a pee and a smoke. I said don t do anything I wouldn t. and I left the room. While I was gone the two women started to play rubbing each others clits, rubbing my palm in small circles on it, her moans were constant. When Jan slipped a finger into her pussy, as her thumb kept rubbing her clit, and her first climax was quick, her scream barely kept silent by our mouths on each other's. She turned to Jean and started kissing her again harder, more passionately, moving my hand back to her pussy, her legs spreading Wider even more.

I went to the door to watch the two women at play slowly getting harder every seconded. Jan lay between her legs, kissing her stomach, kissing the top of her thighs, driving her crazy, getting her hornier. When she moved her mouth to her moans, Jan lowered it and almost covered it with her mouth, her tongue flicking and licking her. The smell of sex in the room was strong and that drove her intensity even more. When Jan finally slipped her tongue across her pussy lips, she screamed into the pillow on her face, again barely muffling the sound. She exploded into another orgasm when her tongue slid into her pussy, with her thumbs rubbing her clit. she became frenzied in her eating of her, devouring her, not able to get enough of her tastes and smells.

She kept having orgasms, at least three that I remember, all very close to each other. Jan had a mini-climax her self, from rubbing her crotch against the bed as I ate her.from behind as she eat Jean. Jan got tired, her mouth was sore, so she kissed her one last time and crawled up and lay across her. She removed the pillow she had been holding against her face and wrapped her arms around Jan, squeezing her to her body. She reached up and kissed her, her tongue deep in Jan s mouth. She discovered her juices on Jan s lips and eagerly licked them from her, enjoying the taste of her own cum and wetness on her friends lips. As I licked Jan dry and user a Gold dildo on Jeans still wet pussy. Afterwards, as we cuddled in each other's arms, falling asleep, she said that what had just happened was the most wonderful feeling she had ever had. She asked if I could stay another day and night. And for several months, and continued to have occasional threesomes with Jan. and more of Jeans girlfriends.

Life in ozz was good I was learning all over again how to fuck and fuck, I love it hear and my leg was feeling a lot better, this was the life and a bloody brill one it was too


But just for now more later ..ok.

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