"Fun Lovin In The Kitchen"

Let me just say that me and my wife have been happily married for 15 years.

We have a cleaning lady that I have wanted to get rid of for several months. She does a terrible job, but my wife always begs me not to get rid of her.

One day I came home early from work and I smelled cookies baking in the oven. I headed straight for the kitchen. To my surprise Maria our house cleaner was laying naked on the kitchen island. As I entered the kitchen I recognized the top of my wife's head buried between her legs.

I was instantly excited. My wife heard me and poked her head up. She had cookie dough all over her face. Maria was embarrassed and tried to turn away. My wife smacked her with a spatula and told her it was my turn.

I went down on her only to find her pussy and ass to be filled with warm cookie dough. It was so sweet and delicious. My wife got my dick out while I was gobbling up Maria's pussy.

I got up on the kitchen table and started to fuck Maria's pussy. My wife started eating the cookie dough as it oozed out. My wife climbed up on Maria's face and Maria began eating her luscious pussy.

I stuffed my cock in Maria's ass and started fucking her as hard as I could. My wife had a couple of orgasms on her face. We all cleaned up and Maria never came back.

Me and my wife never have talked about it since but everytime I smell cookies I get a huge hard-on.