"A Weird and Wonderful Evening"

Well it all started one Saturday evening when my girlfriend's cousin came round.  I never met her before she came in a cab as she was from outer town, anyway I was in the living room watching TV with my best mate who is always round my house.

There was a knock on the door there she was a sight for sore eyes she asked for Shelley my girlfriend but she had popped out to the shops.  I told her to come in got her a drink and we started chatting away, my best mate was well pleased he really fancied her and so did I - she had a j lo figure with 34dd breasts both our cocks were growing as we saw her g string peeking out!

We thought we hit the jackpot till my girlfriend arrived and they left to go to a bar we were gutted they were gone for about 3 hours and we were just discussing weather she was single or not well for me it was out of the question but my mate was gearing him self up for there arrival.

They came back 4 hours later really happy and merry and brought some tequila back for us to share.  We were all game.  It was really late when everyone decided to go to bed but as we only had two rooms me and my best mate had to share, while my girlfriend and her cousin were in our bed.

I was lying there thinking two half naked bodies lying there hot and juicy I wanted to smell there thongs.

I woke up really hard and went to kitchen to get a drink when I heard the creeping of the steps I thought it was my girlfriend coming down to get a drink so I hid behind the door and slapped her bum when she came in.

It was her cousin and she was giggling she enjoyed it and said do that again, what was I to do? say sorry and go to bed or obey her order? So I said I cant be naughty. But she was wearing that sexy g string and my cock grew so fast and hard she could see it through my lose boxers!

Her crotch was wet and I wanted to smell her so bad, this point I'm not sure what came over me I dropped on my knees and started licking her through her g string she pulled her thong aside and let me tongue her it was amazing she was so sweet and creamy we were on the kitchen floor going crazy!

I couldn't believe what was going on my girlfriend was only upstairs and mate next door!  She pulled my boxers off and sucked on my hard pre cum cock it was throbbing at this time she said fuck me doggy style!  I turned her around and she placed her hands n the work top spread her legs and her juicy ass was in the air while I eased my way in her.

I took her thong and put it inside her while I was going in and out we were trying to keep so quite till we both came lets just say till this day I smell her dirty thong when I want to remember that evening and I'm smelling it right now!