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Naughty Grin!

My Used Slept on Pillowcases & Pussy Pens!

Rubbed between my legs til I cum! ;-)
Welcome to my Fetish & Fun page!  Now with even more naughty and hot items of mine up for grabs

My best sellers on this page are my Pussy Pens.

After masturbating with them deep inside my wet pussy they are coated with my very own delicious creme-de-la-creme!

After use, my pussy pens will be put immediately in a sealed plastic press-lock packet, then wrapped with silk paper for discretion.  They are sealed once again to lock in all the moistness and to retain all my HOT & HORNY, MUSKY moist female wetness and aroma and will be sent with utmost discretion.

I can only accept cash, cheques or bank transfers as almost all adult payment processors no longer allow adult sites to use them - the rest that do allow are either too expensive in fees or I don't fully trust.

Just follow the purchase link and my order form will open in another window. Just fill it out and send it and I shall personally get back to you to confirm everything.

If you decide to order from me and are in any way disappointed or dissatisfied, please let me know immediately and I will do my utmost to correct whatever the problem was. I want your buying experience with me to be something special and I want the panties you receive to be the best you have ever had!


My Promise To You!

"I take utmost care and attention in making sure your needs and desires are met.
You will only get the highest degree of quality, discretion and personal service from me... And I love to make you feel special, because you are!"

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Special Requests
If you have any unusual special requests, please mention it during ordering.  Don't be shy - I'm not easily shocked! ;-)
Most asked for requests are pee scented, which I can do at no extra cost :-)
...It just adds to the excitement!
Secure & Discreet

Discreetly wrapped & sent!
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Cindy asks you to...
Please enjoy yourself on my site and take your time.  Please feel free to contact me about anything.

I shall be more than happy to answer any questions you may have.   Love Cindy xxx
All UK/European orders include P&P but I have to add 2.50 for orders going outside Europe to help towards postage fees.



Carefully wrapped and sent!
SO much better than Pussy Pops you wouldn't believe!
Totally coated in my pussy juices! And after using my juice as lube you can sit and savour it in the afterglow!
pussy pen
Colours may vary but the scent won't!

Something Tasty For You To Chew Or Suck On During Work Or Play
Totally covered with my own personal natural feminine pussy juice after being masturbated with!  ;-)
I know where its been! You know where its been! But I bet your last biro the postman doesn't!

1 Pussy Pen (No picture included) 6.50 PURCHASE
1 Pussy Pen (Picture of me using it e-mailed to you) 9.99 PURCHASE

Special Offer Below (3 is MUCH better than 1)

BUY TWO get ONE FREE (No picture included) 13.00 PURCHASE
BUY TWO get ONE FREE (Picture of me using them e-mailed) 19.98 PURCHASE


My Slept On Pillowcase
 7 HOT LONG NIGHTS OF ONLY ME - Tucked and Rubbed and Fucked!

Don't forget that I do not smoke so it will only have my own natural sexy body scents!
Nothing else but ME!

are you watching me? mmm so comfy personal pillow cases filled with my scent sleep with me! Masturbated on every night! Smell my hot pussy while you sleep!
My Blue Pillowcase 12.99 PURCHASE
My White Pillowcase 12.99 PURCHASE
My Cream Pillowcase 12.99 Sold Out
"Often Copied - but NEVER equalled!  ... Try Me!"