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What Are Vanilla People

Basically, they are people who cannot understand others like me who are open about their sexuality and not afraid to show it.

There is nothing wrong with vanilla people; they are simply just shocked and sometimes disgusted by the more "down to earth" and "open minded" people around like me. They cannot seem to accept their own sexuality for many different reasons.

This goes for anything relating to pleasure of a sexual nature based on fantasies - being it selling/buying worn undies to being a sub or a dom, both of which I have also tried!

There is nothing wrong with non-vanilla people (like me) either, and in fact, since just being myself and thinking and feeling freely, I personally feel so much happier inside!

I do not care what others think about me or their narrow minded opinions about my site. I love running this site and I love my clients and I love getting naughty in my panties - I cannot imagine doing anything else right now to be honest.
Just have fun and enjoy life!